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Be sure to RAISE THE VOLUME when the actual piece starts at the end!

Fractured beats nested inside more fractured beats. One of the coolest examples of fractals in music, without actually mentioning fractals.

Further notes
This is in the spirit of Benoit Mandelbrot's view on roughness:
"I prefer the word roughness to the word irregularity because irregularity -- to someone who had Latin in my long-past youth -- means the contrary of regularity. But it is not so. Regularity is the contrary of roughness because the basic aspect of the world is very rough."

In fact all music can be seen as a fractal, because there are patterns in time at different time scales. Even a simple pop songs with a strong beat has many subdivisions in the song, the parts, the beats. There is repetition and pertubation at different time scales. Not all is smooth and analytical, no full symmetry in all directions and scales. The origins of fractals are linked with roughness and irregularity of the natural world, a messy chaos with some smooth but also with discrete aspects. It's a tool for thinking, not just a subject in maths or arts.

If you like the music, another on of the same type:


Yet a fractalist musician like Kalles and Paigano and DJ Sha-Man-X.

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