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I am kinda late to the party, but I decided to add perturbation theory and SA in Fractal Zoomer, following this excellent code base ( as an example.

I managed to implement it Perturbation theory and SA for Mandelbrot, and perturbation theory for Cubic Mandelbrot, Burning ship and Cubic burning ship.

I calculate the reference point from the center coordinates in high precision (using Apfloat in java) and then I store the Reference Xn on an array of double precision complex numbers.

In order to calculate the rest of the pixels, I find the Delta0 by by doing this : Delta0 = PixelComplexVal - ReferenceComplexVal, and then I create a Complex number of double precision from Delta0. PixelComplexVal  and ReferenceComplexVal are complex numbers with high precision.

This let me reach the limit of doubles as the Delta0 can reach +-e-300ish.

My question is what can I do to overcome this limitation.
In SA I had to implement FloatExp and ComplexFloatExp. Do I have to do something like that for the rest of the calculation?

Thank you very much for any input!



This is just a different way to do it right? Can it be done with FloatExp as well?

Yes but floatexp for everything is much slower.

Is there any sample code available, which describes the comment that you posted?


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