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Hello everyone,

I have been working on (yet another) Mandelbrot set explorer, using GPU on Python. My idea was to have some fun trying to develop my own simple explorer, of course not to compete with all the amazing tools already available.
The key features are:
- Rendered on GPU or CPU (using Numba)
- Simple interactive explorer (using Matplotlib)
- Smooth iteration coloring, anti-aliasing by oversampling
- Shading: Blinn-Phong & Lambert lighting, stripe average coloring, steps shading
- Color palette: cyclic sine waves
- Depth: float64 precision
- Runtime: rendering an HD pictures (1280*720 pixels), with 2000 iterations takes approximately 10 miliseconds (on a Tesla K80 GPU).

You can check the github repository ( for more details and some images (one FullHD example attached here).
The code source is open, feel free to take anything you like. Feedback is welcomed!




Thanks for sharing, added to my bookmarks ; happy to know another pythonist out there   :)).
I didn't believe matplotlib would be fast enough for this kind of interactive exploration, maybe something I should consider.

PS I believe the correct link is rather

Thx GBy, I corrected the link.
Thanks also for your python code, I took some inspiration from it, in particular the Blinn-Phong shading!
Matplotlib is fast enough, but not as smooth as a proper GUI. I would recommend it only for very simple applications. For more in-depth purposes, I would suggest a web application or a GUI like Qt or Tkinter.

Adam Majewski:
great images

All new program is welcome - and the old ones too :)
Thanks and congratulations for the images.


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