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 How many different ways are there to show such set ?

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Adam Majewski:
Contest !!!!

Here are 22 different images of imploded cauliflower Julia set (edit :  here c = 0.35): and the source code for creating them ( c/bash)

Can you add new method/algoritm ?
Can make it  better ? ( in any way )

Below one example ( BD/J inverted plane )


This would have been a nice idea for the 'technical' challenge ;)   

Orbit trap using ratio of smallest and next-to smallest |z|.

With a branching texture and vortex transform.

Adam Majewski:

--- Quote from: xenodreambuie on November 22, 2020, 05:04:20 AM ---With a branching texture and vortex transform.

--- End quote ---

Can you describe more ?
What program do you use ?
What is a branching texture ? ...

It looks similar to

Do you use similar technique ?


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