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 I love this guy!


If I remember correctly Paul used to be a member on the old forum, but I'm not sure anymore.  Any way I follow him and watch his video's always with a lot off pleasure.  He knows so much about mushrooms, fungi etc.
He sure is leading in that area and tremendously respected in the scientific world.  Research about the bees, about pollution, about a 'worldwide fungi network', how things are connected.  And I love the way he talks about it, funny and makes mushrooms and fungus so very interesting.

So for those who might be interested is this very interesting man:
Planet Fungi: Neural Network of the Gaian Mind (7 min) - Paul Stamets:
// Mushrooms Can Save Bees & Our Food Supply by Paul Stamets
// Stamets - The Future is Fungi [how to save the planet]
// YT playlist:
Ted talk: Paul Stamets - Mycologist
Paul- articles:
He is also on facebook and twitter.

Well I hope some off you will enjoy his enthusiasm and his story's, and off course his knowledge :)


He appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast twice:

November 2017 - // 2019 - //


--- Quote from: wes on December 01, 2019, 06:15:23 AM ---He appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast twice:

November 2017 - // 2019 - //
--- End quote ---


yes, paul stamet is just awesome.
he has a lot of great ideas and actual solutions for some of humanities important problems - I wish the deciders would listen more to guys like him.

really interesting O0 O0 O0


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