god versus science

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« on: September 04, 2019, 06:37:31 AM »
gerrit's posts on god and fractal theory got me thinking how it has always struck me as so clearly braindead when people phrase questions about the nature of reality in terms of god/religion versus evolution or god/religion versus science.  as if holding a magnifying glass up to people and the sorts of objects we are used to dealing with in our everyday lives would reveal nothing more than fairy dust and glitter i guess, in the case of "god" being "the answer."  and if you were to zoom in and find molecules and atoms and things then i guess that means "science" is "the answer."

as if painting rough approximations with a bucket of fairy dust would somehow be more impressive or more godlike than creating a universe of atoms which self-assemble into such infinitely rich and varied complex organizations and systems as what we see around us!  even in the case that the universe is in effect a dream held in the mind of some greater consciousness, then yes, that dream is in fact of a universe of self-assembling energy, not a dream of rocks and tables and dogs and people crafted out of rainbows and fairy dust 2000 years ago.  the latter is a human dream, and a rather hilariously stupid one at that.

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