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Well, from scientic point of view everything is clear. It is and is man made. The rest is conspiracy theories.

Greta Turnberg is right exept when she sayes "you stolen my childhood" what is not the case. What could be explained by syndrome. She is very emotional. And society realy aren't so interested in real science with boring graphics.

One of the problem is a chaotic behavior of climate. We realy don't know what will happen, and when bad things would start to happen. It's like lavine going to new stable position with some +5 or +15. 


I'm so sick of this whole thing.
It is obvious that we need to do something.
99.?? % of scientists -those who actually research, study and understand what is happening, looking at the measurement data - agree.
Yet those in charge don't listen because a part of the public don't want to hear about changes to their lifestyle.
And those in charge don't listen, because "muh economy!" & election campaign donations.

So no majority for science.
End of story.

But the issue remains, worsens. 
Emotional reminders every now and then, warnings about superlative predictions, strangely distant.
"if ..°c in ..years, planet dead."

But nothing happens, because no majority for science.

Some care, run around, try to wake up the ignorants. And a few do wake up, but FAR from enough, never reaching the critical treshold.
We reach some sort of equilibrium.
no change with a constant guilty conscience reminder.

And over years people start to get annoyed.
Just shut up. I can't hear it anymore. Nothing ever happens.

Hell, even I myself am fed up with it.
I am so sick of this constant debate against ignorant deniers who aren't interested (or capable) in just looking at the data and facts for themselves.
And then act accordingly.

I just can't take it any longer.

With edward lorenz& butterfly effect in mind, from a fractal perspective the dangers are even more obvious!

Keep shapestacking in the Mandelbrot-Set in mind:
Zooming in is like going along the arrow of time.
previous state + all interactions = next state   ---repeat this formula recursively

If you start to zoom towards a new pattern, there is no way back, future patterns will have that new pattern incorporated.

In climate:
We're knowlingly heading (zooming) towards an area of the big picture with a high probablity of an inhospitable state of planet earth.
We still have the choice to zoom somewhere outside,, choose a new zoom-center, but this will change a lot of what we are used to, changing our comfortable,everyday  lifestyle
And very soon we are no longer able to reach those alternatives, because they zoom out of our field of view.
no longer accessible, the arrow of time has moved on, we're on a new main branch.
unwelcoming and inhospitable.

putting this all together makes me sick.
knowing I have two young boys that will really face the consequences of what is happening now.
inable to really do something. woohoo, online petitions. huge demonstration of +1million.
I've changed my lifestyle (as far as finances allow it).

yet the last 20 years have shown that in reality, this all has little influence.
And to be honest, if I can't change it anymore, I kind of don't want to hear about it all anymore.
Because all it does is to make me feel bad in the little nice now that we have left.
Being aware of a problem becomes irrelevant - even hurtful - if you have zero influence to solve the problem.

I guess and fear that before society can change, we really need to feel serious consequences that really hit humanity where it hurts.
And I hate being on this course, though (along with many others) knowing better and willing to change my own life in any way - as long as we all do together.

sorry for the pessimistic rant.
but I kind of have given up hope and needed to vent.

PS: The one positive thing possible solution that I just can't get out of my mind since a few years is "Biochar" or Terra Preta.
Basically the concept of charring plant-material "waste" and adding that to our soil.
It's is a win-win-win.

-removing Co2 from atmosphere through plant growth
-releasing stored solar energy on demand by burning plants to char
-storing the problematic C of Co² in that char by adding it to our soil for millions of years.
-enriching our increasingly unprodictive soils, creating "Terra Preta" on a large scale

you tackle all the main problems we face today. energy production/storgage, climate change, deteriorating soils and food production.

What am I missing on this?!? Why the hell aren't we doing this, or at least talking about it?!?

(sarcasm) The Prime Minister of Canada says it's Ok to use 2 jets to fly around the country on the campaign trail because "Our government has purchased carbon offsets for all of the fuel we will use during the campaign". If this is the way leaders think then it's not likely that they will actually do anything about global warming (not that they could anyways)

In a greed based economy (all of them) the only way anything gets done is if there is money to be made. (period end of story) Frightened people spend more money, so lets scare the public as much as possible and the corporations will reap the profits.

It's my understanding that the earth will heat and cool all on it's own. Man's activity may contribute but just by being on the planet and emitting heat we are all contributing. The more I hear the hype the more I believe that this is a natural part of our evolution, we will either live or die and, in Mother Nature's terms, that is just fine because the planet will continue for eons after we are dust and then the planet itself will return to stardust.

oh, and the 1 million + youth who demonstrated about cleaning up the planet ??? there are 2 million + parents that would like them to start with their bedrooms!!!
How many drove to the demonstrations? Apparently, in Vancouver BC a lot of them did because, well... "it rains here a lot and I don't like riding a crowded bus". Where are these youth going to get their new iPhones ??? How will they all get to where they want (not need) to be ??? that's right, they will drive Mom's Mercedes...

Yeah, I'm kinda getting sick of it too, yet, I do my bit, I've had the same water bottles(3) for about 1.5 years and I'm thinking of converting my Lincoln to run on alcohol...

It is "The Emperor's New Clothes" all over again, and Greta is the kid who points out the obvious fact to the grown-ups.

(The earth does cool and heat on its own, but this is the first time (as far back as we can dig up evidence of past climate) that average global temperature is jumping up so quickly and so sharply.)

Who wants to hear that the end of the world is here? Who wants to hear that it is our own fault? Few people want to hear that. Not acknowledging the problem, not acknowledging our power to influence it, bars us from fixing it.

Ah well, evolution will sort it out, and pass the baton on to the next species that wants to take the "Warden of this Biosphere" exam. Of course, defeatism doesn't solve the problem either, but is just another mildly obfuscated excuse for "don't change anything".

I do what I can, what can you do?
Apathy and ignorance are the enemies, I have had the unpleasant experience of apologizing to my child for the F'd up world that she now has to live in (30 years old and kickin butt), and together we do what we can to make this a better place.


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