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Your opinions?

There are lots of smart people and i would like to know the opinions of other smart ppl.

Realy the situation is very bad. It seems that professional infectologist and scientists had not predicted it's development. Politicians are in their St. Vitus's Dance. But only our national states are organisations which can do something. Many seems to be seeking rationality behind of this -> a conspiracy theories.

Alsou the modern (global, fiscal) world had become very fragile. Carantine would be OK, but then we must pay for our homes etc.

My country (Latvia) is not mutch harmed even compared with neighbours like Lithuania and Estonia. The main reason is poverty and lonelyness. Jet the man responsible for it Valdis Dombrovskis is in high post in European Comission.

Latins seems to be harmed the most. Coronavirus are attacking everything associated with civilisation. At least fractals is not affected.

There is no end of history. Wars and pestilence is still a factor.


Why virus first appeared in the city with laboratory of virusology? Maybe becouse only they could find it.
In countries with no tests there are no coronavirus cases.
Maybe analysis of pneumonia cases and death statistics would show real situation.

I invented my own theory

--- Quote ---My 3rd conspiracy theory. This certainly must be a true.

Just look on the facts, isn't they quite a suspicios?
Trump declared China as main competitor of America. -> They have coronavirus epidemic.
Trump declared Iran as main enemy of USA. -> They have coronavirus epidemic.

In notfake news TV channels they say that Trump was elected becouse of Putins help. They should know. And indeed, in Putin's Russia there is no coronavirus epidemic. Why?

In USA the majority of coronavirus cases are in the states which do not voted for Trump. Is this just a coincidence?
Why Italy, why Lombardy region? Maybe they just refused to build Trump Towers.

Trump took tools of the global conspiracy for his advantage. Jet still he is just puppet of forces behind scenes.

Smart folks had noticed that most of 5G are located in the same areas as officialy registered coronavirus cases. Is this just a coincidence? Reports say that 5G irradiate people with poisonous rays. There are others manipulateing the technology.

There are many more questions about covid-19. Say why scientic journals refuses to publicate all the research exposing artificial origin of covid-19 virus, sutch us unnatural genetic code, signs of genetic manipulation and found extraterrestrial genes in it's genome? Maybe it is becouse scientists are payd by global few with direct atlantean heritage.
Both Adolf Hitler, George Soros and British and arab royal families originate from the stock. Comeing form long lost kingdom of Atlantis and considering themselves predestined to owning the world they had infiltrated in all the societies of the world and can secretly influence world's finances for their own goal. Atlanteans rule over banks and TV channels. They created North Atlantic Organisation of wealthy and they will create South Atlantic Organisation of poor, both ruled by the same.

Atlanteans as a excuse for protect population will establish totalitarian regime with full control and giving each a rank of social capital, calculated by the system. Throught their final goal is to speed up Global Warming, what could drown down all the continents. And then they will claime that they will protect mankind by rebulding continent of Atlantis. Both Trump and Greta Tunberg are just puppets in their schemes.
--- End quote ---

Certain aspects of epidemics are quite predictable. But other aspects are entirely unpredictable, different for every distinct disease. If indeed there were a group of people resourceful and smart enough to engineer a virus, they would also need to be pretty much godly in their ability to accurately predict the future.

Too superhuman for my taste. Although you can always find megalomaniacs with delusions of their own divinity ... but insanity does not lead to successful engineering.

So no, no conspiracy beforehand. Just the usual misanthropic and cynical opportunists trying to utilize the crisis for their purposes. You will notice that they are pursuing the exact same goals as before the pandemic - they just spin Covid19 as their justification now. Almost the same lies, just now they are lies about Covid19.

The question "Who benefits?" tends to always lead to people who have always been good at benefiting, no matter the circumstances. They don't need to create circumstances, they only need to exploit them.

In FB I constantly read the plans of Antichrist to chip the ppl useing coronavirus as excuse;) He could have godly intellect.

Worst thing is that it's cousins in coronavirus family could not have vaccines for technical reasons. Immune response of vaccine was so violent that it could lead to lethal conditions. And they will need to produce and vaccinate about 2 billions of people.


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