Mandelbrot set, the "how" of discoveries and Big Data

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« on: May 10, 2019, 01:10:15 PM »
Is there a book out there about the Mandelbrot set, that deals with knowledge/results in a way that the focus lies more on how the results were actually achieved than the pure mathematics?

I was reading the other day about a rule of p/q numbers, counting anti-clockwise from the longest antennae and my first thought was: Who came up with that idea - and how? Was the person staring at some images and then decided to count?

(In biology there is a nice story about Alexander Fleming and the discovery of antibiotics: He simply forgot to close the lid of his petri dishes and then got empty spots. But - and that's the brilliant part - he wondered and kept on researching (I would've probably just thrown the cultures away).

EDIT: Forgot the Big data part: Did ayone try to dig up new knowledge about the Mandelbrot set by putting it into a Big Data neural network? That might've come up with the above mentioned rule.