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Please, in mandelbulber 3d, I would like someone to explain what these buttons do:

in the top left corner:

1- Btracer2?
2- Hmapgen?
3 - Zbuf16bit?

And in tools:

4- voxelstack?
5- M.c. ?

and in prefs:

7- Map sequences?

8- And what is the difference between rendering in "Big Render" and in "Animations"? What is the best ?


- Btracer2 has a whole pdf-file sitting in the main folder explaining what it is and how it works.
- Hmapgen is a heightmap-generator (it tells you this when you start it)
- Zbuf16bit is a 16-bits Z-buffer generator where the z-buffer holds depth information of your fractal
- Voxelstack generates 2D slices of your fractal and saves them to disk
- MC stands for MonteCarlo renderer, a renderer that is different from the standard MB3D renderer
- Map sequences allows you to specify a sequence of images of height-or colourmaps to use as animated maps in animations
- Big render gives you a still image, Animations gives your an animation. They are not comparable.

Wow girl, that is short and to the point!  I'm impressed  :worship:  :headbang:


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