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 I need help finding the 22-legged ant in the m-set


I was watching this video by Rudy Rucker where he found an interesting structure in the m-set that he called "the 22 legged ant". He said he got the coordinates for it in Rolo Silver's newsletter "Amygdala". I have searched online for versions of the newsletter, I found a decent repository at geo-cities but still no mention of the coordinates. I contacted Dr. Rucker and he says he no longer remembers. Anyone who has the particular issue of Amygdala or who can shed any light on how to find the ant I would greatly appreciate it.


Appears to be around -0.7240777754011815 + 0.2864156013399525i, magnification around 2 million relative to a zoomed-out set view, a location in shallow seahorse valley.

The video claims it is a "very deep zoom", however, which is odd for a spot that barely even requires double precision and is well short of requiring more. Of course, zooming deeper in this area will find tinier copies of this structure, down to arbitrarily small.

I suspect back then, computers did not include floating point hardware support by default. So one had to synthesize 64 bit precise multiplies out of ten "16bit times 16bit equals 32bit" integer multiply instructions (and adding those partial results).

In other words, we used to be in deep multiprecision arithmetic for something that is a single primitive operation today.


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