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 How to read .m3f files



Is there a way of reading .m3f files? I would like to see the formulas used inside Mandelbulb 3d but currently am unable to open any of them.

I am very new to fractals in general but very curious :)



You can open these formula-files with for  instance notepad.exe, but you will not always find a lot of useful information there. Sometimes there is information about the actual formula, often there isn't.
They usually look something like this:

--- Code: ---[OPTIONS]
.Version = 2
.DEoption = -1
.3SingleAngles Term Rotation = 0
.Double Term Scale = .5

A cool 3D transform suggested by Asdam in the forums;

vec3d += Scale * Rotation * vec3d / cabs3d(vec3d)

Where cabs3d(x,y,z) = sqrt(x*x + y*y + z*z)

Somewhat similar to a pinch/punch effect.

LucaGN & Asdam 2012
--- End code ---

Thanks Sabine62.

I did indeed try to open files using notepad. Are the formulas/code kept secret for ownership?

They are very secret  :lol:

There are 2 type of formulas.
1. Formulas made useing assembly. Machine codes maybe readable with hex editors: "DD02  D8CAD  D00D8  CB909  0909 09" But there they have some explanation text of what these formula are.
They are fast but their coding require some superb skills.

2. JIT formulas compiled during the start of the programm. They are just a plain text file readable in notepad. And they can be edited with notepad, too. There are built in editor usable for error checking.
All JIT formulas starts with JIT_ ..... .m3f   So that software could detect it is JIT.

this was my transformation ^-^

vec3d += Scale * Rotation * vec3d / cabs3d(vec3d)
Where cabs3d(x,y,z) = sqrt(x*x + y*y + z*z)

that is Z = Z + Scale * Z / |Z|
I think small negative numbers on 2D mandelbrot set are the best, say Scale = -0.1.

Ohh Alef, you are Asdam? I did not know!  :cool:  :highfive:

Love your transform, ported it to Fragmentarium to play with ;)

And thank you for the much better explanation than I gave about the formulas!  :thumbs: :yes:
I totally forgot about the JIT-formulas, and I heard Luca (Darkbeam) moan so much about MB3D's assembler code... :rofl:


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