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I am new at this forum and would like to know more about programs you are using and especially how to make videos. My goal is to use fractals and videos in our MathArt club at Eckerd College in Florida.


Hi, and welcome to FractalForums.

Always looking forward to sharing the amazing stuff we have here and opening new eyes to the world of fractals.

We host a number of really good and fun to play with programs in the Downloads section.

I note that the link you posted above is an unsecured http link to a personal account (~) this type of link is not recommended here and may discourage users from following it.
Can you change that to https  and something a bit more generic/official/public than a personal user account if possible? These type of accounts are usually only valid during your tenure at the college and may change or go away completely when you finish or move on, this would leave us with dead links instead of the information you intended.

I see that the server and your personal account page are both setup to use https  :yes: please take advantage of this security feature.

For 2D escape time fractal zooms I use Kalles Fraktaler 2+ (which I currently develop, originally by Karl Runmo) and Zoomasm (which I wrote from scratch).

For 3D fractals I've dabbled with Fragmentarium (3dickulus' FragM fork) and Mandelbulber 2.  I run these on amd64 x86_64 Linux, using WINE for KF.  To assemble image sequences into videos I use ffmpeg command line.


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