Hey, my brain has Fractal Synesthesia

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« on: May 12, 2018, 12:49:20 AM »
Hey peoplez,

Thought it was fun to post this since I doubt anyone will believe me anyway ...

Sooo ... one day I saw a little floater in my eyesight and I recognized immediately what it was ... It was a little mandelbrot. Shocked I became a bit confused as to why a random floater would have the exact same proportions as a mandelbrot right? The only reason I know what it was is because I love watching science videos as a past time and this little guy came up in one of the videos where they talked about how to possibly solve it. Funnily enough the answer to solving the mandelbrot is ... THE CROSS!  :))

Anyway sooo everytime I tried to look at the little bastard he would float away and run into the periphery of my eye vision. I swear that thing is sentient! It knows which way I am looking and actively tries to stay away from my vision! But ya know ... Im da christ or something ... or maybe I should say: I'm a Cross Eyed Mother Fucker O:-) and so I can look two ways at the same time independently and totally blitzed that sucker by grabbing him with my two eyes by looking two ways at the same time and squeezed the guy in between my eyes. Then something amazing happened. A bright flash of light hit the center of my vision like I just hit the ''On'' button and the floater turned into a ship. Crazy right? Now my eyes function like the attractors or whatever you call them in mathematics and I went onto a journey through the mandelbrot and the matrix of reality itself.

So now my eye is permantly stuck to see the spirit world or ... idk .. the fractal world? I really think the spirit world that is talked about in the old religious texts of ancient times talks about this world. You can see all the crap (and beauty) that's in there. Spirit world ... Digital World ... it's all the same to me. Fun fact. There's no such thing as a real world. It's all Digital ... which is probably why in buddhism they say that everything is an illusion.

Check this video for example. (Not safe for people who are easily scared! I have warned you! Do not watch this if you are easily freaked out by monsters in the dark! Once you see you cannot unsee!)

At 4:20 (hehe) if you are careful you can see a Drider appear. (check google for drider if you are unfamiliar with the concept, you've been warned tho! It's a monster!) This thing appears in the space between light and dark, if you can see it good, if you can't; be happy you are a fool. Around 4:30 You'll be able to clearly see its eyes which actually look like pokeballs that look into two different directions like another cross eyed chump ::). Truly the devil is in the pokemons haha. >:D

Anyways that creature controls the flux in the mandelbrot itself as you can see it is formed by the very tip of the original mandelbrot pointing towards it. The mandelbrot continiously repeats itself like the repeating slices on an onion into ever greater complexity. This creature is formed in what I like to call ''The Crown'' of the mandelbrot. It's a repeating image and its sortof one of the very earliest Archons you can imagine and witness in the mandelbrot itself. I also like to call that creature Proto-Shiva or Maya because well ... it's imho one of the super forms that some of the gods use (those weird alternate forms that hindu gods supposedly have that are beyond human comprehension).

Disclaimer: (imho gods are just a misnomer for super-programs that control fractal reality, I prefer atheism myself but idk how can I still be atheist if I can see angels, devils and whatnot? Stupid religions are too dogmatic for me anyway haha... I'm just a bit of everything but I prefer a world without gods, etc).

Sooo me and that thing don't get along very well ... especially because that spider half of that creature is a giant world consuming asshole. Ever heard of the story about Rhea and Cronos and how he eats up all her children? Well the human part would be like Rhea who constantly tries to create a realistic worlds in which humans (beings in the image of the creator) can thrive and that spider part is like Cronus who eats up all of space and time and tries to bring everything back to nothingness as the mandelbrot consumes itself back up in an endless cycle of destruction and rebirth. It's kind of really sad to see that tho. :( If you walk around long enough in the mandelbrot all the weird stories you learn about the gods start to make sense as you pass by each Archon as it forms a new story.

So funny thing ... that mega archon you saw there ... it extends throughout the mandelbrot itself. Where it might look like a drider there it will eventually transform and look like a Giant Tree that flows throughout the slices of the mandelbrot in tje looping torus field that it forms. Hence the stories of the Tree in the centre of the Garden (and why not to eat it!) and it is the very same Tree that is also known as Yggdrasil that extends into all 9 realms. They are the same tree but spoken off in different times and at different time of its evolution. For there are only 9 realms in norse mythology but in the kaballah there are 10. That is because the tree did not mature fully yet when it was spoken off in the norse mythology. We live in the 10th sphere which loops back into the first (therefore you could even argue that there are only 9 worlds since one is a shadow duplicate). There are many more religions where the tree makes an appearance such as Mayan/Aztec mythology but I digress. The Tree is real (all the souls are its branch tips) and we the Earth are part of it. In fact, all mythology is real. Well except for the made up parts by cult leaders to get poon but for the most part I can actually verify that all the stuff that they build crazy big temples for ... is totaly legit. :tease: Even the weird shitty egyptian gods who only have the head of a creature. Like Ra or Sobek, that weird crocodile god  :yes: rofl all stupidly real.

So you still listening or have tuned out and dismissed my story yet? Honestly ... I could care less if you did. But I am curious ...

Am I really the only one who can see this stuff? Is there somebody else who can see the matrix like I can?  :awe:

 I'm just askin cuz ... idk ... I'm bored ... it's late ... and I kinda want somebody else to be in the same boat as I am haha.

Also not that important but my ex-roommate Nick who I'm at really bad standing with right now called himself Zatan as his nickname. We used to be big bros but it was quite clear he could also see into the spirit world despite him continuously denying it when I asked him. He could never keep his mouth shut about the things he was doing like killing poor angels and ripping them to pieces or putting them on fire or ... well I digress :fp: He was an amazing philosophical bro for a while but ... idk ... creeped me out in the end. Sooo I'm looking for a new philosophical partner. Ya know ... someone who can understand the Mandelbrot and fractal nature on a deeper philosophical and mathematical kind of way that is both interesting and spiritually fulfilling.




Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/meet-and-greet/4/hey-my-brain-has-fractal-synesthesia/1315/

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« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2018, 11:43:35 PM »

Here's an experiment you can try...

Take a "cat pointer" laser
and aim it at the soft area of the skull temple area
and towards where the eye is located.
The idea is to back light the retina.

When I did it,
I thought I saw a definite shadow
pass over a red field of view.
The permanent floater you see
might be revealed as a Mandelbulb.

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« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2018, 11:19:30 AM »
just in case someone misses it due to language barrier, like I did when reading this first:

Do NOT point a laser directly into your eye!!

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« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2018, 03:14:37 PM »
Do NOT point a laser directly into your eye!!
Seconded. Never, NOT EVER, point any laser directly in your eye. And neither anybody else's eye, for that matter. Even the "Class 1" lasers, which are officially and legally considered to be secure, already have some limited potential to do real damage.

I strongly advise against using imported laser pointers from countries with weaker laser security laws. Those are known to often exceed the energy output of "Class 1", even when they claim otherwise.

The devious thing is that you will not immediately feel pain or heat when your eyes are injured by a laser. You will merely be blinded like by any other bright light source. However, if it was a strong laser, you might never fully recover the eyesight that you had before the accident.

Lasers can create "blind spots", and your brain is really good at filling those in. After the first incident of being blinded by a laser, avert your eyes, shut down or block the laser, or get away. Do not keep working with it until the damage is so large that you consciously notice your field of view shrinking or being obstructed (by then it's usually too late).

Disclaimer: my work occasionally involves laser based sensors. I am legally required to refresh my knowledge on laser security once per year. I do not design or build such devices, though.

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« Reply #4 on: May 29, 2018, 09:45:05 PM »
I suppose the best thing to do
is delete my last post and those following it.

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« Reply #5 on: May 30, 2018, 07:50:07 AM »
Nah leave it brother, for those who are foolish or brave enough to dare to ruin their lives for the pursuit of truth.

Ancient truth seekers would stare into the sun in order to gain divine revelation. I don't think you did something that crazy yet.

To be honest, when I was a child I did the same thing even after my parents warned me to never do it. I'm pretty sure I picked up my synesthesia that way too.

Haven't tried the laser pointer in the eyes retina (your case the temple) yet tho. Don't think I'll need it since I already can see my own mandelbrot on a 24/7 basis. All I need to do is close my eyes or shut a single eye and I got an augmented reality user interface in front of my vision. :tease:

Mind you I have not been able to see 3D since I was 5 years old but I can clearly see every shape of the mandelbrot in 3D. Rest of the world is still boringly 2D however. But the Augmented interface is 3D strangely enough :thumbs:

Interesting fact the mandelbrot is a lot like a giant clock, I present as my proof. If you look at how they make the clock work in this video you can look back at the mandelbrot itself and notice that it is essentially the same ''object'' except it has gajillions of little extra clock hands.


If you look at that image, you will see the tip of the mandelbrot. Or as I like to call it, its nose, it's the direction into which the mandelbrot travels. Or maybe it is better put that the mandelbrot does not travel itself but it reorganizes the information around itself to create the illusion of travel. The mandelbrot itself always remains completely static in its place. I present to you as an illustration of what is actually happening. The people remain static in their benches, the room itself rotates around to create the illusion of movement. In the same way all conscious entities never actually move, but it is our "perceived'' outside world that actually moves with every data input we give to it. It's probably crazily enough and most simply put to say that we are all wearing an occulus rift and you don't even notice it. It has a such a full feature set making you ''think'' that you are in a real 3D environment when you are in fact looking at 2 2D images being flashed in front of your eyes at all times creating the illusion of 3D. The matrix is very real. Although to say that there is an escape is also a misnomer since there is nothing except the matrix. We are all static datapoints on the mandelbrot set. The reason the universe is inflating so much is because it is making all those calculations and moving around the whole time in 4D space to create this illusion like a rapid firing kaleidoscope

Back to the image, there are 2 smaller minibrots and one larger minibrot depicted here and the it tapers off into infinity.

1st. The mandelbrot is incorrectly depicted often by making it lay on its side. The correct way to view it for humans would be to turn it by 90* clockwise so it is upright and pointing north. This is important because the mandelbrot has an exact duplicate of itself in a mirror position to the other way. Although it cannot be seen because you'd have to invert the mandelbrot completely and then you'd end up with the same image...

2nd. The mandelbrot and its data is actually ''coiled up'' into itself. In order for you to see the objects that are hidden inside the mandelbrot properly you will need to rotate with the mandelbrot itself as you move through the object. I suspect the correct turn rate is related to the golden rule. However to simply put it, you need to turn in every axis for the object to be properly uncoiled or ... hmm ... unpacked? That's probably a better term. Because every object is kind of compressed into a single data point similar to how we try compress and downsize data on computers. Further more from what I understand you need to constantly turn right and down until you flip upside down and then do it again till you return all the while saving each point of the transformation so you have 2 perfect halves of the image that you wish to retain or develop.

3rd. Every object in the mandelbrot has a duplicate shadow object. So while the mandelbrot might appear like a giant black hole, it also has a perfect white hole hidden inside of it.

4th. It does not taper off into infinity and escape as you might think from this image. The same way when you look at a circle from the side it would appear that the circle is just a straight line, only when you view it from all 3D dimensions do you realize it just loops back onto itself. In the same way the standard mandelbrot image is actually a circle that loops back into itself. The furthest point to the right connects perfectly back to the minibrot that sits at the very right side hidden inside the crevice of the heart.

Phew. This is all for part 1. If you want me to write more I'll write more  :-\

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« Reply #6 on: May 31, 2018, 11:15:19 PM »
I'll look for it in the Fractal Philosophy thread.

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