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Greetings and best wishes from rural NSW. My name is Maeve, pronouns "she" and "her".

I've been engaged in some form of art for most of my 70 years - puppetry, performance, textiles, painting, graphics - sometimes for money, sometimes not. Before all that I took a degree in art history.

In the 1990s I watched and wowed over a fuzzy VHS dub friends were passing around, of Arthur C. Clarke's Mandelbrot Set documentary, "Colours of Infinity". Some years on, early this century, I was making digital art with Metacreations' Painter 6 (the version charmingly packaged in an actual paint can) and discovered the original Fractal Explorer. Joy! Now I could enter that trippy world anytime I wanted, except without a Dave Gilmour soundtrack.

A few years later when I met the beauteous Apophysis I started producing fractals for print and had several solo exhibitions in the local gallery. Many people liked the work, some even bought it. I stopped in 2013 for a bunch of reasons, plus my day-job got more interesting creatively. I've been retired for a couple of years now. Was going to travel a bit and visited Bali briefly, but then COVID said "No".

I mention Bali because the decoration on traditional architecture often reminded me of fractals for the (to me) surprising combinations of straight and curved, ornate and plain elements. Some examples of what I mean:

Anyway my artistic mojo, dormant these several years, suddenly woke in March this year when I tried Mandelbulber and felt the old wonder stir within me. It was the rain did it, the biggest, longest inundation I have ever witnessed. Many areas were flooded. Not mine thankfully, but the soil, as one rescue volunteer on TV put it, was the consistency of yoghurt. There was bad news everywhere and no going outside. Mandelbulber provided just the kind of immersive challenge I needed.

The rain stopped but the images keep coming. Many thanks to Krzysztof Marczak and contributors for this wonderful program.

This post got rather lengthy, sorry.

tldr: After lurking for a few weeks I'm here for the art, to show and to look, learn and mingle with the skilled and erudite crowd of artists, mathematicians and programmers on this forum.


Hello and welcome, Velvet, I hope you'll enjoy your stay on FF!
I'm looking forward to see your fractals in the gallery

Thank you Sabine.

I have now uploaded two images to the Mandelbulber gallery.
Still Life -;sa=view;id=5772
The Dentist -;sa=view;id=5773

Hello and welcome.
I think I already saw your work on deviantart page in the past.

Hi and thanks gerson.

I've never been a member of Deviant Art. I've looked around there a lot, it was a rich resource when I was using Apophysis, and I do recall seeing a member there named some variation of "velvet" so that might be who you're thinking of.

Other possibilities:
There was a small forum devoted to Apophysis, I forget  the name. I was a member there, and also posted on an Australian artist forum. Both gone now. I used to have a website under my real name in those days, a small portfolio site.

One day I'll post a short selection of past work in my user gallery here. Could take a while, gotta dig out files from old hard drives and CDs. 


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