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Author Topic:  Doing animation with Mandelbulber 2.15-dev-alpha and OpenCL rendering  (Read 363 times)

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This was my first time using OpenCL rendering with Mandelbulber. After some crashes I found it was best to use the 'Suggested memory limit' on the OCL device in Preferences. That refers to the available memory on the graphics card, not the machine. A wrong setting there was causing me crashes.

I've started keyframing with Mandelbulber. I have found with graphics animation there are foreground objects and background canvasses roughly speaking. I prefer rendering foreground objects with an alpha (transparent) background. That is the easiest way to get good results. Greenscreen needs to be removed and that is not always possible with a complex, moving object.
At the moment I do initial investigation and keyframing at 640X360 and render at 1280X720 because it is the YouTube base HD size. I use transparent background PNG's made with Gimp in those sizes. JPG's can't store alpha backgrounds. I use the alpha backgrounds in Mandelbulber >Effects>Background>Textured background (3-color gradient is 'off'). Map type is 'flat'.
I have got good results with that method. I can render complex bulbs and place them on moving backgrounds. I did this one with greenscreening but now I get better results.

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/index.php?topic=2012.0

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