What MB3D Is.

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« on: July 24, 2019, 02:51:26 AM »
https://youtu.be/eVcgOsPtvvE Video Companion To This Post.

What VX8 does for Me, what I want You to think about getting it to do for You.

The Perfect Measuring Tool. #1 Job wasmeasuring the coast line of The U.K. It still does that faster and more acurate then
a laser, because a laser can't compute the data at all.
 I am not trying to get anyone to change the way they use MB3D, I just want you to look out the back window once in awhile
and see what else in going on while you are contemplating the next best image.
Remember Superman's history was stored on Crystals? Star Wars had Holocrons, and still store Our Data on plastic chips.
Computers increased their speed upto the point where multi-core problem became bottle necks of data traffic waiting for the
central processor decide how to split up,assign priority, and so on to stay at peak production.
What MB3D is being over-looked as a better,faster, simpler, and cheaper option, is because no one asked it to try that.
I see MB3D as a Perfect "CUBIC" Square. Where there are so many points in time and space you can measure, save, compute,
The height,depth,length,width of any thing at all.
Instead of 1 and 0, you use Pixels, each shade,color,reflection,even level of intensity can be a representation of Data.
Every picture tells a 1000 stories. Using "LIGHT" MB3D really doesn't have spend energy computing an answer, it just
a image and Your Eyes can see the answer. Of course converting that Data is a "Bottle-Neck" Data traffic in the making, but
depending on  how the original User assigned the pixels its info, you either got a noisey, fuzzy image in front of you,
or a sharp clear defined solution to your problem.
 Here's the thing, can MB3D really do that already? It does, and in 1000's of ways every second you use it, veiw an image
created by someone on places like Deviant Art, Fractal Forums people are communicating to you information that asks you
to compute it, and not have to use a computer with 50 different steps and 100 different programs to solve for you.
How powerful is MB3D? You ever saw a mountain move? A piece of land start flowing like a river? MB3D is that perfect
vibration that turns land into liquid. It's basic Math form (To Me) is Liquid, while it maintains strict mathmatical
protocals, it also is able to keep same answer, even if it starts flowing in another direction.
Data and computers right now have boxed themselves into a corner, not going to get any smaller, not any faster.
Only time that while happen to Data Stored as Light, is when it gets near a Black Hole.
Here's how people over-looked the obvious. In the race to see a Fractal Created by their efforts, no attention was paid,
(in this direction) of what else was happening. MB3D is used I would say at about 25% of what it's capable of right now.
 Do you realize MB3D's Strongest point and most valuable tool is almost completely over looked in all that it does?
 Open the "LIGHTING" tab, and just look at the set up for a minute. I could record and store a complate set encyclpedias
just contained in the first  2 lines of options. That "COLOR" MAP is The Pixel/Data  definition area. Heck include the DIFF:
options and then You could store every encycledpia, in every language, intial Pixel Definition is "KEY" to how  clear,
and concise You get MB3D to speak with you.  Did I say "Speak"? Yep Its the most honest and truthful conversation
You will ever have in Your life once You realize the language. The numbers don't lie, and are never judgemental.

 The Easiest,Simplest, Complex Computing Program years ahead of any other 3D Animation currently available.
Its stand alone operating system can complete tasks at speeds 3/4 faster then anything out there.
 Here is some things I saw it do because I used what I call "THE NASA FACTOR" speacifically "APOLLO 13" CAN DO/HAVE TO
approach. I use a 5 laptop for all things. At first I cringed at what I couldn't do, but slowly with lots "Keep going" from Hal Tenny
I started getting a Piece Computer Programming to work, and I tell you right now. Computers and Me are like a Monkey
with a Hammer, I could pick it up and swing it around some, Then This Monkey found out I could build a House with That Hammer.
This is where My relationship to MB3D took a strange turn.
 Synesthetes — or people who have synesthesia — may see sounds, taste words or feel a sensation on their skin
 when they smell certain scents. They may also see abstract concepts like time projected in the space around them,
 like the image on the right. Many synesthetes experience more than one form of the condition.
 Insects see different wavelenghts, a humming birds world looks diffent at a slow pace,
 then what the fast world of a turtle perception is.
If for 30-45 mins day you tried using some the really deep and infinite tgings that those 6+1+Background windows
are capable of, You will reach a point when you realize that even though you have owned a Land Rover for years,
finally used that 4X4 "Whatchamahcallit" You could go place you never could before. You got 9x9 option right
on the dashboard of MB3D, and you never tried it like I am going to show you how to engae The Warp Drive.
 I was talking early about Computers Bottle Neck and How MB3D doesnt even blink at that, because MB3D doesnt need
to divide the data up and send it to separate processors, MB3D just ships the whole package to every Processor.
 I never cut up or threw away anything MB3D showed Me...at First I saved everything MB3D gave Mee and Ifed it right
back to MB3D viz the 6 "LIGHTING" Lightmap option. It had already processed the info, but now I asked it to do it 6 more
times at the same time from different angles. I tested it by creating a Empty Square "CUBIC" Inside were Exact Points
I would establish as My Reference points to see if MB3D could be Lied to or fooled. Consider this I set up dead center inside that
"CUBIC" moved 1 Degree, took ScreenShot 360 around Horizonal, then 1 Degree Verticaly over and don till I had snap shot
every possible angle in that "CUBIC". On MB3D 2nd pass I entered the previous Images as "LightMaps" and MB3D displayed
that info ...and now at 10000 Far Plain and 360 POV, not only did I have exact reference points to measure with, MB3D
was showing Me The Future outcome to any answer I asked, and not only where the answer was, but it didnt need to even blink,
increase power, or lose quality, other then at 10000 Far Plain Pixels are mighty small.
 Here what I gave MB3D the First pass...A HUBBLE DEEP SPACE Image 800X800. After The 2nd Complete Pass MB3D could Render
that 800x800 to 7000X7000 360 3D in 15 mins on My Laptop. You are saying "Yeah but look at all that time it took you to
set that up... Let Me tell you something, Me and MB3D only had to do that once. Now I could put any image in those
"LIGHMAPS" and Never have to go through tha process again. Matter fact I gave MB3D a Image from an Electron Microscope
and it gave it back to me without even a hick-up.7000X7000 360 3D in 7 mins. I Know its not a complete 360 because our
Human eyes can't render that spread out like MB3D..Try using The 360 Camera on Your images sometimes,. I learned alot just
trying to center a 10000 FarPlain 360 POV of a line infinte "KLIENS".
 Here are some Key points to consider. How much Data can a perfect square "CUBIC" hold? Remember I said MB3D uses "LIGHT"
for Measuring and Translating its answer to The User, but Itself acts like a "FLUID". I used to chase images and never
actually get them, Like trying to find The Pot Gold at the end of a Rainbow.After the "CUBIC"  effort I saw there are empty
spaces in Fractals. You just havent rendered enough times to see them pixels Pop-Up. So I started usinng just Z and S to
bring images to Me. Like reeling in a Fish. I set up perfect centered "CUBIC" in 10 the Original  Formulas MB3D includes.
 Everything in Fractals has a Pattern. I could look at something dim, and almost could tell what it was going to be depending
on My FARPLAIN and POV setting was. I didn't need to do that whole 360 process again. MB3D in That "CUBIC" already had the
measurements, and was asking for a snack. Every picture tells the Whole History on How that image was made and at what step.
 When I setup a perfectly centered "CUBIC" over Hal Tenny's RESISTANCE Challenge, I noticed that The Future Images I could
see approaching as I reeled in all the info around Me, what looked like thin rolls film. Sure enough I S Stepped it to Me
and there on that Film was what Hal did next to get the Image on that point in time and space to Process His Data to
Us The Viewer so We could understand His Message. That holds true to any PARAMETER someone sends you from "THEIR" MB3D.
A more experanced user can tell you even the formula settings and if it is an "ORIGINAL" or Not.
 Let Me move on to "LIVE"  MB3D Rendering and How I hope The Ones that can, Use thisnext bit info...
 You ever thought about using the  Navigator Window as Your Actual MB3D Reference Window for Moving around and Recording?
No? Hmm its Live, Will show you Up to the Moment any changes you make to Formulas,Parameters, and let you See it as it happens.
 You know how many Millions, BILLIONS Microsoft,NVIDIA,APPLE, Hollywood spent to try and see what you got for FREE?
I saw a video the other day this nice kid  spent 45 minutes on BLENDER to set up a 5 sec FRACTAL that if He had Used
the NAVIGATOR Window in MB3D he could even saw it done live, change it, and completely decide to color it,bend it, rend it,
and Send it ith out having to jump through Blenders Hoops from Hell Rodeo.
 The people in MB3D that are staying with me as I tell you this, You Copyright that NAV Window Rendering Live to MB3D only.
 Now The Other Window..The Aniamation Preview...if that was hooked up like the NAV PROCESSING...and #7 #8 #9 windows
showed what TheNav is doing...Well You get the picture. It sound like putting the cart before the horse dont it?
...but dont you realize MB3D is differet from all other programs..BECAUSE that is what It DOES!???
 Fractals tell you that what is over there is more than likely this here thing on this here window, and how bout that snack now?
 My set up right now is 2 MB3D v.2 running on same computer this old 5 year laptop, one is looking and the other is rendering Animation.
I dont have them talking to each other, but thats 2 complex processing 3D programs doing different things to the same
Fractal I gave each them. How is that possible? You get them to talk to each other, and instead of one screen, You have
The NAV Window Live Up, and The Animation Preview Window interacting and I tell you every Damn Computer in The World is
now 3/4 slower than Yours. I must sound like a complete idiot...GOOD...One Thing I know...I figured this out Myself...
What that make everyone else? LOL!
A word about Fractals...My MOTTO and Signature is 2+2=4 "Thats DOGMA!"
Before GOD created anything..He made LAWS...Fractals are from before The Earth was Formed.
Before Stephened Hawkins tried to explain "Black Holes come from Black Holes" Fractals and MB3D wwould of showed Him
exactly how. I see everytime get to a "CUBIC" center..I pass  through many these "Black Holes"
 I wrote in Fractal Forums a idea when I first used MB3D 6 months ago:
Then "Is MB3D an A.I.?"
Now here is My final thoughts and conclusions to both questions.

James D. Sullivan

 A few quick words about Aliens (The Space Kind) before they get here.
#1:The reason they never stopped before is because they have the same attitude as people flying from Los Angeles to New York
dont stop in Kanasas and ask you how your day is going.
#2:Just like people from L.A. they will expect you to worship them and feel "Blessed' to be in their prescenes.
#3:Rather then bringing Us gifts, again just like people from the Coasts, they will expect you to give them stuff, buy
them dinner, and you should feel honored to do so.
#4:Most important! The ones that show up and offer Free rides to other planets, and assured employment,housing,and all the
free stuff you ever dreamed about..wait for it..."Are Slave Ships." Is it a coicidence the Capital Planet is called...
"Pair of Dice"? Sounds almost like "PARADISE"? You really dont want to go with them, no matter what the "Recruiters" are
telling you in California.
#5:The Ones that You want stick around for will actually bring change, and sure they have lots Rules, seem real indifferent to
Your thin sensitivity, Your starving Ego that needs constant reaffirmation, and any foolishness You got in Your head about
how Great You are compared to Your neighbors.
(Did Mandelbulb3D show Me all this?)
Nope The Bible did, somethings never change.
There is more information about Human nature in that Book then all the other Books combined.
It is a Love Letter, written to Us containg The Greatest Treasure map ever concieved.
Just because only a few know what The Treasure really is...doesnt mean You should throw away that Map.
It's still an open invitation: "To Whomsoever Will..."
That seem's a good stopping point at this time...

Remember 2+2=4
"That's DOGMA!"

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/mandelbulb-maniacs/46/what-mb3d-is/2951/
That's Dogma.

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