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Minibrots rss
Spirals rss
Spirals found in the Mandelbrot set.
Seahorses (and similar shapes) rss
Spacefilling rss
These images are not of the classic Mandelbrot, but of various rational functions where the Julia set can be the whole Riemann sphere. With the right coloring, typically weighted-sums-over-the-orbit-based methods, structures of classic Julia fractals can be made visible in these, but they fill all of space without any empty escaping areas or solid convergent-to-one-attractor ones. Parameter space images are of regions where for most parameter values there are no attractors, and exhibit the same forms, except with dendrites and minibrots. The minibrots produce solid areas of interior, but again there are no smooth regions of escaping points. Detail fills all of the Julia images' frames, and all of the Mandelbrot images outside of the minibrots' perimeters.
Embedded Julia Sets rss
These are found near minibrots.
Double Spirals rss
Spirals that have been doubled up, or sometimes chained together, as a result of the influence of a minibrot. These often have a special sort of beauty.
Eightfold rss
On the way to a deep minibrot there is always a structure with eight-fold symmetry, and these are often quite beautiful.
Shorelines rss
The wilds along the borders of (usually) minibrots.
Box and Related rss
Three dimensional fractals, mostly rendered in MB3D with some Mandelbulber mixed in here and there.
Textures rss
Mandelbrot regions featuring repeating patterns.
Fourfold rss
Fourfold symmetry occurs even more often (especially around deep minibrots) than eightfold symmetry, though it isn't always as attractive.
Valleys rss
Where the seahorses and other spiraly shapes are.
Ducks/Kali rss
2D fractals with |abs| or other folding.
Asymmetrical rss
Mandelbrot Set zooms that are not symmetrical and don't belong to any of the other categories.
Twofold rss
Mandelbrot zooms with two-fold symmetry, but which aren't classified as double spirals or embedded Julias.
Other Polynomial and Rational Maps rss
Meromorphic mappings of a single complex variable, other than z2 + c.
Quadratic Julia Sets rss
The fractals that started it all.
Exotica rss
Not mappings of single variables in the complex plane. Some have multiple real variables, some multiple complex variables, and some might just be uncategorizable.
Wheels rss
Mandelbrot images with a high degree of rotational symmetry, 16 or more, which tend to look circular (and often like spoked wheels) as a result.
Archimedean Zooms rss
A compact way to represent even a lengthy zoom journey in a still image is to use an exponential map, which results in a long and thin image, and then to coil this up like a rope. This involves a geometric shape known as an Archimedean spiral.

These have the end of the zoom, usually a minibrot, in the center of the spiral.

The wealth of detail means all images posted to this category will be (at least) 4K HD.

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