quadratic mandelbrot burning ship hybrid 1cubic mandelbrot burning ship hybrid 1Perpendicular Mandelbrot e4000
cubic mandelbrot burning ship hybrid 1
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Description: Rendered with 'et', atom domains and distance estimation using derivatives.  Navigation with Newton-Raphson zooming.  

  cubic mandelbrot
  cubic burning ship
  cubic mandelbrot
  cubic mandelbrot

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Re: 8.957255118263390596204064216122478545469477069511147132017333032231536433789630246003596808898312e-01
Im: -1.048196175430013064559560029416825395596805979662326536188175398559645487715431348851042831596461e+00
Size: 1.085323277844983e-80
Iterations: 32768

280 keyframes at 1920x1080 rendered on an AMD quad core at 3GHz, time taken:
real    238m4.714s
user    831m46.424s
sys     0m48.864s

220MB MP4 (x264 high profile level 4.2 crf 18, with 320bps mp3 audio)

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Posted by: claude February 01, 2018, 02:10:21 PM

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