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Title: Energetic Vortex - Vision Quest 1080p x264 - 009
Post by: DJ Sha-Man-X on April 12, 2020, 02:13:48 PM

Made in Premiere and fractalzoom on the background, music made with Rebirth and Remaker !

You can download this Track in MP3 format for free here on Freeteknomusic & EV_Home Site. For high quality WAV format (for sale) go to Bandcamp (48khz) & EV_Home Site (44.1khz).

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I used Remaker to convert my Rebirth RB-338 compositions into midi and worked it out in Cubase. I add some voice samples and I did not used the original Rebrith sound, only hardware : 4 analogue clones and analogue drum machines. Do you also want to try Rebirth RB-338 & Remaker (for free), go to my site for more info and downloads :

YouTube Energetic Vortex Playlist 3DFractal :