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Robert Badaracco

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2019 10 19
Hi, this is an update with a few of my better renderings, I have posted before on the previous Fractal Forums page.  Most of the fractals here are similar to before with a few added findings.  All are real and no photo shop or manipulations, even the color represents properties of the orbits.  The resolution is mostly poor and if I get a chance I'll work on that.  
2019 10 20
Continuation of the photos from gallery 2019 10 19
Octahedral City
The images here are of the Octahedral City fractal.  The fractal exhibits octahedral symmetries.  I am using Fragmentarium and there is some evidence that aside from the poor resolution the images might not be rendering as well as possible.  I am not sure the error.  These issues not including the fact I can never remember to get the cursor off the screen.  Hopefully I can update with better images.  The fractal exhibits great depth of perspective.   Fractals will be the cities easily made by drones in space.  Also, it might be mentioned that this fractal is the result of a multiplication algorithm as it might otherwise be possible to directly produce much of this one.    

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