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(4K) Chronus Looming--"MiStick Dragon Scales"--3D Fractals & Music(4K Video) Bermarte Chaos Box--"Z'ha'dum"--3D Fractal Animation Music Videoboxbulbv3 col
(4K Video) Bermarte Chaos Box--"Z'ha'dum"--3D Fractal Animation Music Video
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Description: (4K Video) Bermarte Chaos Box--"Z'ha'dum"--3D Fractal Animation Music Video
3D Fractal Art & Music Video by Stephen Sink

I've figured out how to do some keyframing in Adobe Premiere, and I'm layering on some 4K videos together, with the backgrounds as limegreen. Then I knock out all the backgrounds with chromakeying, and lay another 4K fractal video in as the background. That makes 4 layers of fractals all interacting and moving together. The movement of the fractal layers is due to moving the video layers across the canvas over time with keyframes.

I've used keyframes in Mandelbulber forever. Then one day, I'm watching a video and see someone using a feature that Premiere has always has, but which I never knew how to use. It's as easy as just hitting the keyframe button on the layer and making adjustments on the timeline. Premiere will extrapolate the difference from one keyframe and the next, and smoothly move the video layers.

WARNING! My most mind-melting, brain-blowing, psychedelic, and perhaps SEIZURE-inducing video yet. I personally think that this one is a next level up from my usual stuff, but FLASHING LIGHTS and TRIPPY MOVEMENTS!!!

Made with Mandelbulber OpenCL v 2.13, using formulas Mandelbulb Bermarte + ABox Mod 13. Background with Collatz + MBox.

Music: "Z'ha'dum," an original electronic instrumental by Stephen Sink/Paigan Productions.

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Posted by: Paigan0 January 26, 2018, 11:15:37 PM

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January 27, 2018, 01:38:19 AM
Technically, this hits it out of the park. The background layering technique works really well. Got me thinking about the musical 'tension and release' concept. Maybe the graphical equivalent is going from a minimal canvas to a more busy canvas?
The disclaimer is great. 'Warning. Video may expand your consciousness and raise your IQ'.  :thumbs_up:

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