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True, the regular perturbation part of nanomb (after the super iterations completed) has no glitch detection/correction yet..
Ah, I didn't realize that, so no real problem here.
Don't know if there needs to be glitch detection/correction for the super iterations part, or how that would look like...
I thought of using probes at the corners (or more) as in SA, measure r=|z-c0| when error is large, then use min(r) as escape radius.
But then knighty invented his root-based heuristics for r and that seems to work so well that I dropped the idea.
Fractal movie gallery / Spiralmania
« Last post by mdudley on Today at 06:37:49 PM »
This is my first attempt at a good Mandelbrot zoom with Kalles Fraktaler.  I am pretty happy with it, except being nothing but spirals does tend to get a little boring.

I then did this one which is more visually interesting, being more random, and not symmetric like the first one.


Share a fractal / Re: Can you help me identify this (possibly) fractal?
« Last post by mdudley on Today at 06:24:58 PM »
You should be able to tell pretty easily if you zoom into an area and see if it keeps repeating at all magnifications.

- The computed value of the escape radius is accurate only when using relatively high M and N terms number (say : 8 , 8 ). For the default number of M  and N (4, 4), it is necessary to scale down the computed escape radius by a factor of around 0.25 (I use 0.1 because it doesn't affect performance).
Ok I put in a 0.1*r in my local copy.

For odd i's, the coefficients are 0 so it is possible to optimize a little.
I'll try this soon. EDIT Seems nontrivial, as it is initialized like this (see line highlighted):
Code: [Select]
biPolyClass(N m, N n): m_m(m), m_n(n) {
for(N l=0; l <= m_m; l++)
for(N c=0; c<= m_n; c++)
tab[l][c] = C_lo(0);
tab[1][0] = C_lo(1); // *****************

When loading a kfr file, overriding some parameters doesn't work (for example zoom factor).
I think I fixed this locally too.

Using floatexp type is much slower. Is it possible to perform rescaling "manually"? I remember Pauldebrot said once that it is possible to predict when the rescaling is necessary when using perturbation. For series approximation it is IMHO not really critical.
I'm not sure how much it will gain vs how much developer time it will take to implement correctly, at least in KF the scaled-(long)-double only doubles the exponent before you have to switch to the next type.

The zoom thresholds for float types selection suppose that the (super)SA is scaled which is not implemented: those thresholds need to be lowered for now.
Hmm, do the coefficients overflow to infinity or so? I just copied what I thought made sense from the number type ranges.  How much do they need lowering? Dependent on M,N?  Concrete (tested) suggestions for threshold values would help!
Programming / How is this done?
« Last post by mdudley on Today at 06:09:55 PM »
I have two questions.  I am using KF and Keyframesmovie to generate Mandelbrots, and Microsoft Movie Maker to add the music.  Most posted zooms end with it paused on the last frame for 10 or so seconds.  Mine just end suddenly.  How is the pause done?

In this zoom at the colors are always from center to the perimeter sequence from green, to yellow, to orange, to red, then to violet.  So any given co-ordinate changes its color depending on where on the screen it is done.  I can't figure out how to set the palette to do anything like that.  Maybe it can't be done with KF?  I suspect that instead of the palette being set to start at 0, then to repeate, it starts at the minimum iteration, and is stretched to end at the maximum iteration.  Anyone have any ideas?


Fractal Humor / Mama Said
« Last post by mdudley on Today at 05:49:29 PM »
My mama always said: "Life is like a fractal zoom.  You never know what you are gonna get".
Looks like a classic perturbation glitch to me; just needs another reference for those two-arm spiral centers.

True, the regular perturbation part of nanomb (after the super iterations completed) has no glitch detection/correction yet..
Don't know if there needs to be glitch detection/correction for the super iterations part, or how that would look like...
Kalles Fraktaler / Re: roadmap
« Last post by Bill Snowzell on Today at 10:20:44 AM »
Any improvements for KF (Claude version) are welcome, made a few animations with MMY3d but find it quirky in use, if that could be integrated or made as a bolt on for KF would be a winner for animation.  Not a math oriented person as such just like seeing pretty moving images.   :yes: :embarrass:
Image Threads / Re: Julofi's fractals
« Last post by julofi on Today at 09:53:15 AM »
So far I have only made two fractals with the old Fragmentarium 1 and other two fractals with Fragmentarium 2.
This one is the first fractal I have made with Fragmentarium 2. It is a fractal type "Mandelex optimised", whatever that means.
The raw version was black & white. I post-processed the image with Gimp, using a lot of filters, to add colour.
A bit late as I just noticed this post. Contact Hal Tenny he sells MB3d artwork, and also contributed to Marvel films for the big screen.
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