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Fractal Image Gallery / Alien bulkhead
« Last post by kohlenstoff on Today at 01:15:36 AM »
Alien bulkhead;sa=view;id=1554

Playing with the settings of my vintage copper bulkhead resulted suddenly in this extra bit of complexity.
Image Threads / Re: Lyapunov fractals
« Last post by ThunderboltPagoda on Today at 01:05:34 AM »
Even more underwater creatures (but then it's enough).
Image Threads / Re: gerrit images
« Last post by gerrit on Yesterday at 10:32:30 PM »
Sinking ship (Mandelfoam).
Image Threads / Re: zm49 (Stars)
« Last post by CFJH on Yesterday at 08:15:09 PM »
32x1Stars (at E25322)
Fractal Image Gallery / Re: Terrain Example
« Last post by Sabine62 on Yesterday at 01:21:35 PM »
Just a 10-min quickie re: repetition of shapes:

Some basic shapes and Inigo Quilez' repetition:
Shapes stolen from CJR'sDE-parts  ;) and added scalars.

DE is horrible, FudgeFactor behaving badly, and I can't get the whole thing to only repeat along x and y yet  :)) So lots to be desired, but renders really fast.
Oh well, it's a start;)
Fractal Image Gallery / Re: Terrain Example
« Last post by Sabine62 on Yesterday at 10:18:09 AM »
Crediting Inigo: his copyright is Creative Commons-Share Alike, which to me means that any derivation is not Share Alike and thus should be permitted by IQ before we use it
A test with just one shape repeated renders really quickly, had a look at that the day before yesterday, more complex shapes behaving complexly ;) might indeed be heavy, and it's only meant as a backdrop... Oh well, we'll see ;)
Now I hate it that my weekend is totally booked  ;)

Image Threads / Re: Embedded Julia sets
« Last post by pauldelbrot on Yesterday at 08:00:52 AM »
Fragmentarium / Re: FragM 2.5.0
« Last post by 3DickUlus on Yesterday at 08:00:32 AM »
ran a few tests...

when preferences refreshrate == 0 tile mode isn't progressing, it needs refreshrate set to at least 1 to render tiled images

with refreshrate == 1 or refreshrate == 100 tiled image rendertime is the same, this refresh rate only has an impact on how the doublebuffered GLWidget is handled, all rendering is offscreen in FBOs
Fractal Image Gallery / 'Space Eight Starship'
« Last post by cricke49 on Yesterday at 06:13:21 AM »
'Space Eight Starship';sa=view;id=1552

'Space Eight Sta'Space Eight Starship'
JWildfire and twisted brush
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