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Off Topic / Re: CCC - Covid, conspiracy or chaos theory
« Last post by Tas_mania on Today at 07:03:23 AM »
Computers uncover 100,000 novel viruses in old genetic data.

Researchers have realized how little they know about viruses. Fortunately viruses can be handled like data.
They can 'work through 1 million data sets a day—at a computing cost of less than 1 cent per data set.'
Hello all!

Just wanted to share a new fractal I found today.

Formula is z = z^2.0000606 + c, except that every 125th iteration, it uses z = z^4.0001 + c.

Location is (-1.4366879028759731665,0) with magnification of 5.6161523E8.
Forum Help And Support / Re: Forum ratings broken again
« Last post by ottomagus on Today at 03:34:46 AM »
It could be something on Paul's system that is interacting badly with fractalforums. I've had problems like that several times. Not with fractalforums but, for example, an antivirus I was using completely messed up functioning on Deviantart with Edge browser. Could be something like that...
Forum Help And Support / Re: Forum ratings broken again
« Last post by Tas_mania on Today at 03:33:44 AM »
IOTM Rules "Please vote for each entry once, either bronze, silver or gold."

Question. So you have to vote for every entry not just one or two?

Question. When I vote there is no feedback. At least pauldebrot gets an error message but how does he know his vote was or wasn't counted if there is no user feedback?

Comment. I think fractalists are just problematic people. I'm such an idiot I think the IOTMC issues are more entertaining than the contest itself.  :thumb_up:
Forum Help And Support / Re: Forum ratings broken again
« Last post by xenodreambuie on Today at 03:18:16 AM »
I just rated the previous post in FireFox; works for me. A few sites don't work for me in FF so I have to use Chrome for them.
Forum Help And Support / Re: Forum ratings broken again
« Last post by 3DickUlus on Today at 02:37:56 AM »
@pauldelbrot I'm sorry you are having such difficulties, I've done my best to accommodate your needs and I assure you there is no "targeting" or "practical jokes" coming from server management. If someone has managed to hack the system then they are way better at that stuff than I am and have covered their tracks completely afaict. The only solution I see is to scrap the entire site and start fresh, but that seems extreme as I can't find any evidence to support that action.

I find it very odd that it seems to only happen to you, this makes no sense to me because I'm reasonably sure you wouldn't share logins or passwords with anyone and I would hope that your system is secure. Again I ask that you contact me via pm before announcing it publicly so that I might at least have a chance to investigate before the culprit might be alerted. That goes for anyone that suspects malicious activity originating from FractalForums.org
Forum Help And Support / Re: Forum ratings broken again
« Last post by hobold on Today at 12:49:21 AM »
Do you have the option of using another browser on another (perhaps virtual) machine? It would be a tedious workaround, and it might not even work (depending on the underlying cause of the problem). But if it did work, it would would buy some time to investigate and give you another data point.

And yes, if this ends up being a targeted prank, then it is a much more destructive one than people give it credit for. Because it doesn't just exploit the victim's fears, but also the pragmatic indifference of the people surrounding the victim.
Share a fractal / Re: Mandelbrot 3D: Mandelnest
« Last post by Jeannot on Yesterday at 09:21:58 PM »
I report a nice animation on YouTube by BrainSmashR Art: Mandelnest (dual+1) varies according to power.
Forum Help And Support / Re: Forum ratings broken again
« Last post by pauldelbrot on Yesterday at 08:28:27 PM »

This is bizarre. I cannot for the life of me get it to work; including by fully enabling every lousy script on the page and reloading before clicking, say, the silver trophy. Yet nobody else is having any problems? And on the gripping hand, any time I so much as suggest that I might be being singled out for bizarre pranks around here, everyone freaks out and accuses me of being paranoid ...
Forum Help And Support / Re: Forum ratings broken again
« Last post by Caleidoscope on Yesterday at 08:05:44 PM »
@Pauldelbrot  If you are unable to vote, I will postpone it with one or even 2 days to announce the winners. No problem.
Let me know when you were able to vote ok? 
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