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3D Julia
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Description:  public override void Init(){base.Init();if(GetString("intern.Formula.TempUpdateVal")!="951035113eca0a22d9400710242dc6cb"){SetParameterBulk("Formula.Parameters: maxi=11 minr=0.02 scale1=1.42 scale2=0.261 scale3=0.4 Formula.Static: Cycles=275 Julia=1 jx=0.29523 jy=-0.458 jz=0 Scene: CenterX=0.127028111147995 CenterY=0.705411148910655 CenterZ=0.472925520389537 Radius=1.248724812 Transformation.Camera: AngleX=36.5992353759778 AngleY=-20.7884959664081 AngleZ=-3.48622456684017 IsometricProjection=0 Position=1 intern.Formula: TempUpdateVal=951035113eca0a22d9400710242dc6cb");}}public double minr=0.05;public int maxi=17;public double scale1=2;public double scale2=0.5;public double scale3=0.5;public override bool GetBool(double x,double y,double z){Red=0;Green=0;Blue=0;for (int i=1;i<_cycles;i++){double xx=x*x;double yy=y*y;double zz=z*z;double r=xx+yy+scale3*zz;if (r>6)return false;if (r<minr && i>maxi)return colors(x,y,z);y=2*x*y+_jy;x=xx-yy+_jx;z=scale1*z*Math.Pow(r,scale2)+_jz;}return colors(x,y,z);}bool colors(double x,double y,double z){double newcount=1*_cycles;for (int i=1;i<newcount;i++){double xx=x*x;double yy=y*y;double zz=z*z;double r=xx+yy;if (r>6){Blue=((double)i)/newcount;Red=1-Blue;Green=0.1;return true;}y=2*x*y+_jy;x=xx-yy+_jx;}return true;}
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Posted by: trafassel August 22, 2018, 07:13:30 PM

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December 29, 2018, 09:37:18 PM
I think is http://www.gestaltlupe.com/
Try to copy the text and paste it on program's "formula" tab.
Last modified by: gerson December 29, 2018, 10:03:47 PM
Adam Majewski
Fractal Frankfurter
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December 29, 2018, 03:04:19 PM
what program was used ? ( the code in description )

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