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Kalles Fraktaler / Re: Adjusting iterations on running zoom out sequence
« Last post by claude on Today at 12:40:55 AM »
1. Set iterations very high when zoomed deep.
2. Disable auto iterations in the advanced menu
3. Enable reuse reference in the advanced menu, in recent KF it works with auto solve glitches enabled
4. Render zoom out sequence

Most secondary references will probably escape before the very high iteration count, only visible minis will go all the way

To rerender selected frames with a higher iteration count, you can use the command line tool sed to search and replace in text files like KFR.
Something like
Code: [Select]
sed "s/^Iterations: .*\r$/Iterations: 100100\r/g" <in.kfr > out.kfr To edit a file in place use sed -i inout.kfr. If you only have images and not KFR files, you can extract the metadata with exiftool or similar, but perhaps easier is to rerender the zoom out sequence saving only kfr, which should be very quick and automatically disables auto iterations (because no images are rendered).

Then you can script kf command line to rerender selected kfr to new images (remember to load the settings from kfs or image file metadata)

the pictured glitch looks like series approximation going wrong? So maybe the standard techniques for manually fixing that will work...
Image Threads / Re: Wheels
« Last post by pauldelbrot on Today at 12:20:13 AM »
Wobbly Clown Wheel
Kalles Fraktaler / Adjusting iterations on running zoom out sequence
« Last post by CFJH on Today at 12:01:18 AM »
I run a zoom out sequence on a new location.
Checking the single images shows, that much images has too low iterations (see first attachment "02695...").
How can I adjust the correct iterations count without recalculating each image again by hand with manual corrected iteration count (zoom out automatically uses an iteration count, which is high enough)?

On deeper images, the "black holes" are getting smaller.....
but often I've glitches, where a part of the image is not rendered (ses second  attachment "02210...")
Noob's Corner / Re: Catalisator?
« Last post by Alef on Yesterday at 11:33:13 PM »
I 'm makeing whole list of them:
It depends does complex math is included in software. If not, then it could turns ultracomplex with very small equation.
Programming / Re: exterior distance estimation for logistic map
« Last post by Adam Majewski on Yesterday at 06:27:46 PM »
Right. The output is the same. I have slighty modified the file

Code: [Select]

A small maxima script to conduct the d/dc differentiation on the bivariate function f(z,c):
by marcm200


/* exterior distance estimation */

f(z,m) := m*z*(1-z)$ /* logistic map */

An_plus_1(z,m) := f(An(z,m),m)$ /* orbit, composition in z */
Dn(z,m) := diff(An(z,m),m)$ /* derivative in m */

/* dcomposition_dm: */

 Dn_plus_1: ratsimp( diff( An_plus_1(z,m),m ) )$

/* and manually substitute Dn for 'diff(An,m)

ratsubst (a, b, c)
Substitutes a for b in c and returns the resulting expression.


Dn_plus_1: ratsubst (Dn, 'diff(An(z,m),m,1) , Dn_plus_1)$

/* (-An(z,m)^2)+(1-2*Dn*m)*An(z,m)+Dn*m
Dn_plus_1: ratsubst (An, An(z,m) , Dn_plus_1);

The result is :

Code: [Select]
Programming / Re: exterior distance estimation for logistic map
« Last post by marcm200 on Yesterday at 05:53:04 PM »
Does it mean that your Maxima script is wrong ?
Why? The output is

Code: [Select]

Factoring out c and substituting the 'diff part with Dn:
Code: [Select]

Or do you get a different output?

Programming / Re: exterior distance estimation for logistic map
« Last post by Adam Majewski on Yesterday at 05:22:10 PM »
Code: [Select]
dC =  Z *(1-Z) + C*(2*Z -1)*dC ;

mfcc64's derivative (post #12) and mine (#9) is sign-inversed in the term 2*Z-1 to 1-2*Z.

If you change this, is your image then symmetric?

@marcm200  : Yes. Does it mean that your Maxima script is wrong ?

Here is a zoomed sample:
Other / Re: Fractal Zoomer
« Last post by FractalAlex on Yesterday at 12:17:08 PM »
With the Magnet Type 1 fractal now working with perturbation in Fractal Zoomer, it is only a matter of time 'til it is in Kalles Fraktaler...
Other / Re: Fractal Zoomer
« Last post by superheal on Yesterday at 11:30:10 AM »
The newest version ( ) is now released.

Here is the list with the recent additions/changes:

-Added Perturbation Theory for Mandelbrot Fifth and its Burning-Ship variant.
-Added Series Approximation for Mandelbrot Fifth.
-Added Perturbation Theory for Mandelbar, Lambda, and Magnet 1 functions.
-Added some more Magnet variations.
-Added Normal Map statistical coloring for the Mandelbrot powers.
-Added a new bailout method.
-Added export of overview info.
-Fixed a lot of bugs and crashes, and updated the UI.

Have fun!
If you find any bugs or have any suggestions let me know!
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