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Title: Color Spaces
Post by: gurroa on February 27, 2019, 11:43:07 AM
FractaloScop with limited cycling is producing fractal false boundaries where they are not.
Because the error in computation is smoothed in all directions the ray-traced reflections and refractions still make sense and thus creating bubble shapes.

Result can be described as looking throughout the rough glass but instead of just getting the refractioned image - the whole world shape is changing.
And only as the camera is moving - the different view angle produces a new outcome.

This is still a MandelBulb fractal with shifted consts.
Set to only one iteration but with unlimited repetitions.
Original shape is more like a ring or chain (repetitions).

My fractals are ment to be fly in real-time and so is this monster (>20fps on GTX1060).