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 The greatest of fractals


As one can imagine, the greatest of all fractals will not be some mega rendered image of some super formula.

The greatest of all fractals is this:

The image is far from perfect. It just shows species hence the insects rule. Humans are below a red arrow. However it shows a lot.

The image is self similar. Zooming is done on monocot plants, asparagales, orchids, cypripedioideae, cypripedium. Allways there is a main branching and some thin basal lines.
Bacterial and protist branches probably better would be ilustrated with "here lives dragons" or "we don't know". But owerall pattern would be simmilar.

Something simmilar but certainly lacking the resolution

It is very mutch how willows grows. Botanical term is a

It is just as my willow bonsai tree.
- First a branches grow,
 Later larger branches becomes stems.

- Next year a new flush of branches grow.
 Largest of them becomes a new stems.

Weaker branches during winter dissapears. Branches strenghtens as they grow. More fit thus increases in size.  Each new growth is a breakthrough. Few branches just keeps becomeing stems what for bonsai is not needed. So I use some heavy buerocraty and  communism on them.

With some damage or some other factors news stems could grow from a bottom. They soon reaches large size but eventualy reaches simmilar proportions. No way it could escape beyond reach.

Kind of like this:

If a 'coral of life' would be put on some curved coordinate system with X axis being top half of a circle it would be more tree like. Even more tree like would be colouring living species with green and all the paleontological brancheing being present. In a picture there are upward going curved lines. However in reality branches leading to all of the species would have very complex topology, turns and angles with lots of dead branching along stems. (reptiles -> dinosaurs -> smaller terapods -> birds) Not curves and not stright lines.

Language families would be simmilar as this super tree. They developed throught numbers of breakthrough. Thus haveing few basal branches and large expansion of major groups makeing canopy.

A bitt in russian about this willow philosophy:


The graphic is like Julibrot sections.
The forum philosophy continuing like the problem of philosophers at Petri networks: Philosopher going to eat, philosopher going to sleep, philosopher going to meditation,etc.


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