Fractal: The Final Frontier?

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« on: March 03, 2019, 04:10:22 PM »
 The older I get the harder it is to count change at the coffee counter. I said that to say out front "I am no Mathematical wiz, I was an aircrewman U.S.A.F. KC.135.  1980-91. One my jobs was to keep record the exact center of the plane as we unloaded 1000's pounds of Jet Fuel while refueling other aircraft in the air. The pilot had to constantly open and close  different "BLADDERS" to equalize our fuel load, and the center of gravity of the plane. The worst mathematical person on the plane "ME" had to figure out where that was.
 Lo and behold in Some Magical World of That Fool needs one these, A Genius gave Me a Slide Rule!
Honestly That thing was a Magic Wand to Me. It was a Holy relic as far as I was concerned. Nowadays they have a Computer do all the Calculating and that Sliding Rule part history now.
 The point about having to count on a Slide Rule, would never get me close to understanding what a Fractal was and could do.
 Even The top Mathematical prodigies knew they were not up to being able to reproduce a Fractal with a pen an paper.
The Computer a Modern Slide Rule for  Fools like Me to look into the World of Mathematics. I am not ashamed to admit, without the accompanying images that are side beside what you are saying in these forums, I would have no clue what I am missing. At least  The images let me set at the Adult table and pretend I know what's going on. I sometimes wonder if it is a Faux Pax to say is this picture cool I found it using 2 formulas...but it fades out pretty quick. So when talking about "FRACTAL" is it meant one that is like THE MANDELBROT ORIGINAL perfectly uniform and pure? The reason I ask is because nature is neither. Something else I wondered about Formulas and The visual Relation they offer. Symbolism and the Human Physic are so well tuned toward each other, as JUNG believed WE share same instinct and awareness as Neanderthals did way back before slide rules. Is someone trying to show you how to build an interstellar cell phone?
Is that an image of the actual neural pathways you going to need to use to get Your A.I. out of the first grade, or College level? maybe it's nothing more than some smart ass alien kid getting us to do all his Math homework for him, and laughing  with the class betting each other :Hey Norm bet this guy trys to render this into a fractal image for Art!
Maybe it's the Pebble in the palm of your teachers hand you are supposed to be able to snatch from Him, to know it is time go...But My real point is made in The Title... Are Fractals The Final Frontier? Before Computers we didn't know to look and see this Incredibly Complex World, because all e had was a Slide Rule to look through.
 The recent release of SONICPHOTO is an interesting accompanying piece Technical Wizardry that when combined with  Rendered Fractal Images might just produce a recorded Voice from The Future.
Earth is Billions years old, you know how many civilization could have come and gone in that time?
Nature can hide a Civilization as easy as POMPEI. Our Ancestors could be Light Years ahead of US, trying to send back they way to take Our Real First step.
 We have 5 senses that we constantly use to analyze The World around Us. There are more surely, and When it comes to Fractals The only one we using right now is Sight. An intelligent entity would realize this, and The Images should not be just shrugged off as entertainment.
 Our intermediate Ancestors did not have ways to see what we see, they looked up at The Stars and they were curious enough and could initiate that their was more than  themselves up there.
 They explained their theories the best way they could, and those that didn't understand made religions out of the rest.
 I say that to say this, just because The Bible is misused by 9/10th The people that claim they know it.
There is 1000 years of images contained in That Book.
I have many references to Fractals:
 This explains what someone would say that see's The MandelBrot set way back when...

 Ecclesiastes 1:9, The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be;
 and that which is done is that which shall be done:
 and there is no new thing under the sun.

 Sounds like a MandelBrot rendering to me.
Don't discount a Treasure Map because no one else has found the Treasure.
They using a Slide rule, when they needed a MandelBulb 3D v.2.0.1.         :thumbs:

 I needed something to do while I was rendering this image lol!
Thank You for Your Time!
That's Dogma.

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« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2019, 08:01:13 AM »
 The above statement is TRUE...
I found something by following what I said in the above statement.
I have a 5 year old Laptop, and I haven't been able to see what I found yet.
So I invented a Camera with MB3D to get a snapshot-

of this: Sky Cavern.

Hal Tenny helped Me refine My understanding of Light Controls.
MB3D gave Us this opportunity to explore.
All of You are My Hero's.
Like I said I haven't been able to see much of the place just standing on one the small towers looking around.
The Camera I made is the key!
Post Me some photos of The SullisSkyvern!

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« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2019, 04:30:25 PM »
i.AM.A.i, your posts are like poetry. I love them. Keep them coming.

I have never seen a fractal in a slide rule. But someday I will have to tell you how I found a fractal in a HP35 calculator.

The mandelbrot set is clean and uniform. It is home or heaven. Safe and comfortable. But as I hang out there, the anxiety and restlessness builds. I can visit, but I cannot stay. My soul is damned to never find peace among the critical points of analytical functions. I must cross the street and jump into the fire of the true chaos of non-analytical functions.
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