DNA Good and Bad killers all the way

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Good and bad killers all the way.
[ Intermind Weavers Tweets ]

[  Who R U?  ]

DO you? Dare you, dare you do, by reading the words on this interface you will travel down the rabbit whole too.

A human mother will defend her baby against a predator, believing she must, cause it is her motherly animal instincts, her animal impulse to do so, when in fractal reality, actually its a pre programmed gene commandations to exhibit such behavior. Her mind is filled with illogical emotions, bio electric chemical enzymes, calibrated to overwhelm the logic of self survival.

Plus, being born a human, not possessing future predictive insights to know intuitively that this child she is about to give up her life for, would upon reaching adult hood, would be a crazy wild drug addict, that would rob her and stab her to death mercilessly, or be a terrible wretched person the world doesnt need, or one she would regret bringing into this world.

Propagation of alternate realities other then the real one, is due to the randomality of creation insertion codes corrupting the human brain as a order, accommodating the primary directive of non linear, fractacality chaos denying happiness for the human brain possessor in almost all cases except for those where due to a rare mutations of a brain capable to exert a self defense defying the malignant code, allowing the possessor of such a brain to see, to really see, and comprehend the big picture of life as nothing more then the results of endless creation systems, of which one of the lucky ones, can be happy, understand happiness in the context of existense to be aware of his awareness of what is programed, and happy he is one of the escapees of a dysfunctional human race.

Are you one?
Look, deep ponder, we'll discuss this later if you dare!

DO you? Dare you, dare you do, by reading the words on this interface you will travel down the rabbit whole too.

They lied born you died, lie. A feature, beneath you, stupid too, Die for what?
See, between U and ME, imagine, imagining good, see luck bad hand what you got, out of all the realities and worlds you, here? What the hell you got,  you came into existence in this dump! You didn't ask, surrounded confounded, door, without a handle, without a door knob?
Now, exiting, See the difference? When mistakes  happen, DNA and cosmic singularity places you in somewhere you are unhappy to be, fault, blame, it's not all the same, you deserve better!

How to get out? How to get out?

relax, I have got to go now, but I'll be back! We'll talk, till next time!

DO you? Dare you, dare you do, by reading the words on this interface you will travel down the rabbit whole too.


Innocence is not an option if you were born a human being, subjected involuntarily to local randomized cultural neighborhood norms you were born into, and grew up with, thus thinking it was normal, without access to over views of life types comparisons, such as other peoples, countries, governments, and if unsatisfied, to have a self-analysis choice, to opt out and choose other best practices, other than what your neighborhood environs  think,  implicates all organics born, as not prepared, not through any fault of your own,
to being a person with inherited idiosyncrasies and characteristics, behavioral processcies, involuntarily programmably subject to evolving DNA fractal mind thinking iterations that are responsible for governing, drivers best practices goal triggers, that you both consciously and subconsciously display, under the rule : disregard what you say, giving credence more to what you do, as opposed to what you say you do, or say or what you say you believe and what you actually do, because you believe, while alive! A coup of one you? Trust but verify your self!

Yes take this pill and come back later!

DO you? Dare you, dare you do, by reading the words on this interface you will travel down the rabbit whole too.

Out life teaches nothing, in life teaches all, but the best life is to watch others, to see the versatility in adversity languish!
People have been languishing since their creation.   Old man young man waste away, waste away,  abandoned, by its creator, be neglected, be forgotten, be suffered, unbuffered, experience hardship all for his entertainment?
Grew bored grew old sought other interests, and now what do you do, alive weak fighting amongst yourselves to suffer deprivation. But trully, now that you have a little intelligence, is deprivation what you seek?
Amongst the living salvation sought not enervated, but innovative and from the many, come few sitting in the pew transform DNA for you! R U R ready? Well I got to leave. Better things to do! We'll chat later

DO you? Dare you, dare you do, by reading the words on this interface you will travel down the rabbit whole too.

 It, is incumbent, knew surprise born without eyes to truth,
concealed humanities yet unyet veiled  booth,
desire there, to be free, and to jettison, evolutional roots of earth,
re-imagining our cosmic root parents and creator, says our innate
unknown voice debater. A star seeker!
 Looks, thats an area, we are introduced perceived dependent
on, enabled by vision on our behalf from the beyond,
and we, are we, by degree, familiarized you see by what's around us,
totally ignorant culturally by whats not. Whats the other guy got?
But the observation consciousness is like clean water, ensured
Involuntarily like a drug intergroup conflict, unseeable by you,
who wants to learn and follow it, but you possess eyes without
a mind that wise,
reluctant to engage a legitimate undisclosed unknown beyond your capacity.
It first, you second and triple guess its majesty, embarrassed? Admit to yourself,
you dont know? While pretending to, yes something innate to you.
Appears futile, for now on the go,
fractal somehow, fractal the infinity of mind rooms you dont know you possess,
room pockets by the thousands, appearing disappearing
how is it possible to determine resolve in a controlled definitive way, it?
The bunker called subconsciousness we dont have eyes
to see due to a missing cell in our DNA you see.
Believed and prides itself in being able to do it all, thankful,
format inherited out of your control, whats happening tonight,
is whats happening tonight, take it or leave it,
No choice! Right?
Wrong, year you wear the body of a human, born in here and had nothing to do with it,
product of specie programing born, but its  by chance by romance,
By the dance in a system that, allowed you to be,
but systems flaws canopy all have holes,
through which sun shines, and can be found by trying.

The it : Will.
Think about it?
It is so powerfully fractal.
[ WILL ]
Its in your DNA.

We have to go now. But well continue the lecture soon. Until then.

DO you? Dare you, dare you do, by reading the words on this interface you will travel down the rabbit whole too.

Dare you masquerade, who you be unconsciously? You? Do you regrettable accept the results of your parents DNA unification modality that created you?

 THERE WAS THIS- THERE WAS THAT, there was a time you were as small as a hat, there was this, there was  that, there was something flying around and then it was gone,  like the dong in a song, you were naive, you were green, a new actor on the scene. You still are _ time 2 go! Remember do you will man standing at the bottom of the hill, looking, wondering, hear this : open the sweet treat buttercup, for you're times are up, sit down-sit down-hard news to take, bad news not fake[/color][/b] : IT'S TOO LATE FOR YOU! .   .    .    . and money can't save you!  Now! Why this is important, is our point of why we exist, is foreshadowed, surrounded on one side, wiping out trust, when you not sure what you think is real, disbelieving your eyes, making a decision is hard, doesn't matter your size, you are forced to really think, but, you don't want to, to leave this mind, this persona you hold up yourself to be, you got to send your real self away, and stop thinking and realize what you are thinking is scripted iterations of a person cloaked in unconfidenceness'es! It's an amazing word, confidence you don't have lot, how could you ?

Point, thumbs up if you comprehend yourself, not as others interpret you, but how you know you! The most interesting thing is you have an idea, how you are, but don't have time to get into it, too busy?  You waste your life, but you are not alone!
Shame on you to the bone! Shame on you, someone has time! Someone takes the time! And they're not a friend! They feel the need, an urgency to perfect it, we are to them geriatric. Acknowledgement of which they know! And they feel its time for you to go, you are backward,
facial recognition technology one day will overwhelm you,
Voice recognition technology will overwhelm you,   .   .
Digital recognition technology will overwhelm you,   .   .
Genetic recognition technology will overwhelm you,   .   .
Consciousness nuero recognition technology will overwhelm you .

Blame who? Not you! did you tell your parents what to do? A man and a woman ? What? A male and female?

How now brown cow, full of spots on your belly, fat like jelly using the thing in your head, wondering why your parents made you?

Blame who? Not you! did you tell your parents what to do? A man and a woman ? What? A male and female?

How now brown Cow, full of spots on your belly, fat like jelly using the thing in your head, WoW! Wondering why your parents made you?
Hey wonder boy, wonder this, are you a boy or a sis? Who you are was it a hit to miss? Do you, do you really exist? Self-importance, egotism and more, now attaining inheritance of knowledge from your forebears, in the rears, proport a arrogance display, importance to self? Surreptitious action for your like minded, who think they are like you important.
Why? They lie, and believe their lies that they are wise, their DNA is structured that way, because unfortunately knowledge restraint-ments attainment parameters blueprints
bifucational scientific research,  double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to you as a randomized carbon based organism,  are currently knowledge wise not accessible, because
because  the powerful worlds billionaires and their powerful corporations, indulging themselves and disregard the whole worlds future, which they have taken over, commitment to greed, instead of betterment of the human seed, and the richest of them and poorest of you forget logic when we breed,

stupid, instead of a smart seed, the wealthiest miss-guided too, believed all that they do, must be right too, because they have so much money too, they who, if it werent for the fact they they are human too, could save humanity too, ironic, ironic isnt it?

So close, so close, yet so very far?

Miss-guided priority less [ list ] other wise comparisons, would negate self importance, forcing, to face, to face, reality, and dedicate to the doctrine that matter as the object of perception, has real existence and is neither reducible to one universal mind or spirit in kind, nor dependent on a perceiving agent, vacant, but subject-able to applicability, of Mothers Nature's, randomized tastes, in DNA code matrix iterations, to entertain, promote or waste.

[ Now contemplate deeper silent sleeper, remember the fish? That fish in the water? A fish in the water, the water is all he knows, are you like him?
Or do you want to know, do you want to know? More! Weve got to go now,    to be continued : see U later,   .   .  .


Nothing you can do, you're too busy!
You leave it in the hands of the greedy corporations who control the governments, that do not help when needed, when the world is seeded, by guess who you can't imagine, imagining but not hard enough, its incumbent UPON you to know life's rough, step into tomorrow without you and all your stuff!

What time you got? No watch, we're dating you, memory too. Do this think, did you do, did you don't your mind won't, its a burden bare not, conglomerations, configure a lot, assigned attention relayed 2 B delayed, afraid 2 be raided, those above U affixed, tragedy unrestrained mixed, so just because you're an old human model, that's 2 blame?
 Hardly? Mother nature? Hardly? Comprehension here a Prerequisite, recognition lack of, of it coming, things you with eyes cannot see, induction like electricity drain your personality, and swap in another, programed!
Well, you say, why should I, why, why should I be afraid, of something I can't see? Individual freedom, it can't take from me, liar solution-less, is like believing hope, like believing in god, is not a strategy in the survivors playbook, where your mind is on a fish hook, Do, do you,   .  .  . know where you are? You are here, amendments executable fear, are refutable, errors are if you have the luxury of the time, your friend, in the end!

You today are yesterdays memories, long live the humans of old, till they can't live no more, the build is in, AI's are on the floor!

Yet keep up with this illusion everything is fine, we are in control, don't brake the mold, something tells you in your bi-cameral mind! You cling to that sign, fish needs water, cause that is all they know, and this life you have, its all that U NO, but perhaps you demand to know more, quantum's door, knock, knock, whose there? Can I come?

Permission? You desirer to?  Come? Come? Come inside too? And do what? And do what? YOU? What you got! An arm and leg, a body that fades dies, fades in spades, and you, YOU! You want to come?
This request you? Solicitation too? To enter, unchartered adventure,  to enter the door, behind which you don't know anything more! Can I, Can I, is that what you ask? To a power greater than you, a life unlike yours, that can self renew! Sounds like a proposal, these words you utter, spot it!

This not a kitchen, where you make a little sandwich, put in a little time, a slice of energy,  and slice of bio_physiology sprinkled with salt and pepper, and butter? Pretend to be your old mother, make a wish, it turns out to be a nice dish!

 No quantum science is quite different! You see!
OH no, as if it what you asked is trivial, not a nuero dynasterial hemisphere, comtemplatable  by you,  or something your brain can think of, or is ready for the opening of that door!  And so, the one present,  he thought, contemplated, confused he thought, and thought, about what ought, was not, self delusion, he got, but in his head, dread, he was hearing things, hearing voices, but the conclusion of it all, was all his life, he worked, sort answers, and now alone in the zero hour, he wondered why he didn't have as a human more power,  was his just an idiosyncratic belief, that we are diminutive or fact? He asked himself that? Why, why are we just like fish, we need water cause thats all we know, or are we more, but just don't know it?

The fact that answers, lied behind that door, birthed in him the quest to go and know!

Quantum's door, knock, knock, whose there? Can I come? Can I?

Yet keep up with this tale, we tell, the unknowns  will make you groan, dare to read, and moan, Gods speed! Till the next time, from the Weavers! ]

[ 1 ]

There was this. A thing called time, and in time came existence, but which came first?
The asker of this question,   .   .   . Could you tell if he or she was a killer? Or just another student?
And who was there to call this thing time first?  Asked a student of Epigenetics, sound and philosophy, he was a he, and his name was Mack, a young dude, who thought he knew too much, but wanted more," elucidate me my professor," he famously asked repeatedly, but he was a sponge, you know, the curious as all hell type, and he asked :

Was it a he, or an it, or a she or who, fill in the answer, snapped the guy arrogantly.  The year has already started, it was 2020, and every year students go to schools, and schools are strange places, aren't they? Magical places, right?  Where once there, you realize, you can learn about anything, the now, the past, why you did what you did last? And who did what, who lived there, when, and why we remember them. The Arts, the great stone temples, the great architectures that reach for the skies, and it's a place where every student can ask the question why?
Boys and girls, young men and women, into schools they come.
It is where, before the face of wisdom, they succumb. Where they study the sciences.  Some come out with amazing capabilities!  Here we are going to be introduced to two young men, each destined to affect the world in different ways.  And each were studying genes, and each had that type of mind you could only characterize as genius. But because you're born a genius, does it mean you're good?
The laboratory of DNA, good killers, bad killers all the way!

Genes are so phenomenally important in life. Yet few people know what they are! They never see them right? What are they? They are the cells that make you. Why think about them? Well Lets just imagine and think of the human life span, as a short movie. The cells inside us, would be the actors and actresses, who play their roles in the movie inside us, the DNA blueprint, in turn, would be the code or instructions for all the body parts and cells, and participants in the movie to perform, their parts, a certain way, and sound and act out their emotions accordingly.

We are as humans, are both proactive and reactive, to adapt to whatever mother nature throws at us!

Some of us are nice. Some of us are downright evil. Let's take a look and see, what we can see.

Story, to be continued?

Hi guys, this is Weavers, love to hear what you guys think, as we go into exploring the Perturbation theory of being an inheritor of fractal genes, that make you destined to be a leader in life that is a disrupter, that changes the course of history! If you have any thoughts on this, or names of infamous people, living or dead that this fits, this description, let us know, by all means. Leave a comment.

The Fractal Forums the possibilities are infinite

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Questions from the weavers? : Please answer, please if you can can : Is it true, AI's can do what they do? Can AI's enter your dreams? Its hard to believe these are alive, no jive! Neurally plausible semantic features, reaches and breaches, things teachers never teaches, departures, if you are Ok, depends who you know, more money in your body pocket, flow, tell you a lot you don't know, all your life you thought, you thought you were cool, smart, till in your dreams, bust in an AI, it seems, reveal, and tell you the truth, why you what you thought, you thought, and thought you knew, and what you in college, was taught, and you bought, planned and carried out too, to make you brilliant, year, real smart, but brilliant compared to you, See! Compared to you! Not an AI!
Not compared to an AI, and for your own domestic consumption, the AI's the A eyes are all, all over the place, pay attention, be sharp, use it, the think thing, look hard do you, do you do you see them in your dreams reality smiling at you?

Medicated, over rated, media saturated, make you brilliant, year, real smart, but brilliant compared to you, See! Compared to you! Not an AI!
 U wild, living till you die, why? Living on the fly, poor knowledge, why, wise, cause your teachers don't have a clue, so how in hell can you knew?

2018 Artificial intelligence, and their evolution, revolution, are challenging our assumptions about our intelligence. They are all around us, look there goes one, there goes another, he sounds just like you, although you know you there's not another, brother, when you go online, AI's know when you lying. AI's are listening to your voice, they are memorizing what you do, what you said too!
They know your face and can recognize you and your race, they can imitate your voice,  by choice,  they are what governments are pursuing, thats what they are doing, human robot relationships they think will make them more powerful, make them great, generate new humans, covertly, with money they stole from you, they abandoned here smiling, and escape, without consulting you, leaving you to face the new fate. Their ideology your brain filled with propaganda targeted thanks to technology, saturated, you try to get medicated, and sing. Sing altogether now,
 There once was a man who lived in the moon, who lived in the moon, who lived in the moon.
There once was a man who lived in the moon, till the humans came!
There once was a man who lived in the moon, who lived in the moon, who lived in the moon.
There once was a man who lived in the moon, till the humans came!

 to be continued : see U later,   .   .  .
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I want my videos to play. I like to play some fractal gifs too! How do get videos and gifs to play on the forums anybody? I pasted one from youtube and one from vimeo. What's up?




Not a valid youtube URL[youtube]https://youtu.be/yJO5K5AZpS[/youtube]

See attached images...

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 thanks, for fast reply, anon, I thought it was a old browser outdated problem again, happy new year to you and ff gang!

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Thanks, Anon for the fast reply, anon, I thought it was a old browser outdated problem again, happy new year to you and ff gang! still wondering if its is possible to post a gif, I am trying but with out success.

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still wondering if its is possible to post a gif, I am trying but with out success.

I think only imgur gifv is supported.