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Author Topic: (Question) Did you know perfect light setting to understand Mandelbrot set is?  (Read 160 times)

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(Question) Did you know perfect light setting to understand Mandelbrot set is?
« on: June 18, 2020, 10:01:30 AM »
I spent last 8 months testing every light option one at a time, against every other avaible light option in MB3D.
What I was looking for was how to put an image I just renedered,back into MB3D thru all The Light Map Windows,
and that image would then make A Very Dimensional New Image of the same thing. The problem came down to 2 things,
The angle of the light, and resulting shadows, and using the option-Roughness at any setting other than zero.
The way to put images of images, not just Gradient Colors in those Light Map windows, is in The COLORING TAB options
pick The MAP ON OUTPUT VECTOR. The last choice at bottom. The reason is That makes the light straight up and down,
centered so that you can then be assured all shadows,colors and reflects are only being included into the image from
one angle...The Center. In the LIGHTING Tab I only use 2 and 5 as My Hard Shadow lights, and the less they make the better.
.1 thru .05 and The Ambeit Shadows samething. (But for a really unique effect, HARD SHADOWS 180, AMBIET SHADOWS 90, it
turns The image inside out, and makes the light on the inside, and The Shadows on The Outside.
That will allow you to never have a flat image again, used in conjunction with The Mutagen it becomes the best algorythm
possible to to not only create perfect images of whatever image you are mutating, EVERYTIME, keep the first image in
centered at least 5 times, and MB3D will center it up for you, while showing you the object from various angles,julia modes,
and interations...(IMPORTANT STEP to Stay in same place Slide the EXCHANGE, ADD AND REMOVE FORMULAS to LEFT, so that
nothing changes the image, but the other 3 options below.)
 This is where The Virtual Lens I have spoken about can now be placed in any Light Map window and no matter which of
the 11 formulas you made from Escapetime to difs, they will add their "Information and Effect" directly into The Formula
creating what I refered to as a "QUANTOMIC FRACTAL" The ability to write out The Largest Number You could ever concieve of,
assign it a value NTH, place it in a object window, with its verified set number, and the number times you interaate that,
consider that, now the highest number ever written, that you cant write that out actually, you have to present it to
others as a VISUAL 3D Image, that others can then see, and understand instantly...
..anyway thats My theory, because I know how MB3D works now. It is a modern kalidescope, but at same time is a HAADF
High-angle annular dark field (HAADF), annular dark field (ADF) plus bright and dark field (BF/DF) detectors
for STEM imaging optimized for electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS). Look that up for how it works. That all the
noise you see is good stuff, they are useful in interpreting WAVELETS, and there are many WAVELET patterns in MB3D.
What are they best for? WAVELETS can be recorded, and reverse engineered, to allow you to write out a speacific Math
Problem based on the result of an equatation, instead of writting an equatation, then looking at the answer. Saves alot
dead end experiments.
 One more thing about writing your formulas based on Forces that effect EARTH Directly, Fractals as I have always stated,
are The LAWS that govern The Universe, they measure, they enforce, and they the very basics of why this heres does that
to another thing over there. Quantum Mechanics is hard to explain, but not unknowable, just be carefulful about the so
called CHAOS Theory...bunch BULL!
 Mandelbrot Set,is for all intense and purposes a 3D Topological Map, thats what Mandelbrot waxs doing trying to measure
coastline of The U.K. hn He first came across fractals, you know the basis of chaos theory is? That certain point
all there calculations DROP OFF! WELL DUMMY you ever look at a TOPOGRPHICAL MAP? Thats called a CLIFF!
 Fractals are just returns of objects around the area you searching. Like Sonar, Radar so on. Mandelbrot was looking
for away to measure coastlines, He found it. Yet went on to look at it from 2D perspective and forgot He was measuring 3D.

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/index.php?topic=3595.0
That'#039#039s Dogma.

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