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Author Topic: (Kalles Fraktaler) zoom interpolator tests  (Read 213 times)

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(Kalles Fraktaler) zoom interpolator tests
« on: December 02, 2019, 06:03:54 PM »
Working on a new 2D zoom animation interpolator, for EXR keyframes containing raw iteration data and/or RGB from KF (so far, eventually simple RGB from PNG/TIFF/JPEG/etc too).  Eventually it will be a possible alternative to the original Movie Maker or YMM3D.

So far there are 2 modes.  The first invokes external programs for each input keyframe (hardcoded 2x zoom levels so far) and output video frame, which is very flexible (you could even calculate the keyframe data in the input filter to save disk space, if you're sure there won't be any errors/mistakes in colouring etc; you can use KF.exe to colourize each output video frame for colour cycling effects).  Unfortunately this mode is very slow due to the IO of the large EXR files needed for anti-aliasing and the invoking of subprocesses per video frame.

The other mode uses an OpenGL 4 shader to do the colouring. So far the colouring algorithm is hardcoded into the program, but eventually you will be able to load your own shader with a simple GUI.  The function you define in the shader for raw data is roughly `vec3 colour(double smooth_iteration_count, vec2 distance_estimate)`, the rest of the shader does the anti-aliasing with user-selectable number of samples per pixel.

First zoom test video with colour cycling, using the OpenGL 4 version (recommend to download and play with VLC or similar instead of streaming, large file is large):
https://archive.org/download/zoom-interpolator-tests/mathr-exr-zoom-interpolator-gl4-test-3.mp4 950MB 1920x1080p60 3m35s (CC BY-SA license)
It ran at 7fps interpolating 96GB of EXR keyframes on a spinning hard disk, including ffmpeg encoding, with AMD RX 580.

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/fractal-movie-gallery/19/zoom-interpolator-tests/3216/

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Re: zoom interpolator tests
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2019, 11:39:43 AM »

The plug-in shaders idea sounds great!

7fps sounds reasonable from a traditional hard disk, I imagine an SSD would boost this a bit.

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