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Author Topic: (Other) Multichrome Quadrifolium Meltybrot Madness 8k60p w/soundtrack  (Read 167 times)

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(Other) Multichrome Quadrifolium Meltybrot Madness 8k60p w/soundtrack
« on: November 20, 2021, 02:05:23 PM »
This took me a couple of months so I hope you love it.


Pasting the YouTube description in case you'd like to discuss it:

It's an 8k 60fps fractal video. Be sure to loop it. It's quite simple...

This variant of the Meltybrot distorts the 𝑪 value by 𝑓[Quadrifolium(𝒕₁), |Re(𝑪)-Im(𝑪)|] on the 3ʳᡈ and 4α΅—Κ° of every 4 iterations. The recursive Mandelbrots (alternating between cardioid-centred and circle-centred) rotate by 𝒕β‚‚. The Pickover stalks also rotate by 𝒕β‚‚ and are shaped with pulsing Julia patterns with 𝑪 values from just inside the main circle of the Mandelbrot set, which also shift by 𝒕β‚‚. The Real axis stalks follow single points and the Imaginary axis stalks go around the circle with rotating 𝑍β‚€ values.

Centre, magnification, and 𝒕₁ and 𝒕β‚‚ are keyframed by composite easing functions. The main sequence and the 4 different zoomed sections each form seamless loops which you can see separately in other videos in this playlist. The first zoomed-out section holds 𝒕β‚‚ and gives 𝒕₁ a full rotation. The remaining 3 zoomed-in sections hold 𝒕₁ and give 𝒕β‚‚ a full rotation.

Fun fact: Each frame took 20 minutes to render, a 72000x increase, for a total of 250 AMD EPYC CPU days for this 5 minute video.

The soundtrack was made with
and is used by kind permission of the Β© owner.

No pixels were consumed in the making of this video. It was created entirely with a MathMap expression taking coordinates and 𝒕₁ and 𝒕β‚‚ as input.

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/index.php?topic=4505.0

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