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Author Topic: (Mandelbulber) Kwisatz Haderach--"Memorial Day Piano"--3D Fractals & Music  (Read 166 times)

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(Mandelbulber) Kwisatz Haderach--"Memorial Day Piano"--3D Fractals & Music
« on: May 06, 2019, 03:21:37 PM »
Just playing around. Probably not the best tune in the world to audio-sync. Using my Memorial Day Piano tune from last year, and about 3 weeks early for this year. More proof of concept than Work of Art. Cheers!
The twirling lights of the 4-dimensional shapes can only be a product of the Spice, and by audio-syncing with my improvised piano tune "Memorial Day Piano."

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/fractal-movie-gallery/19/kwisatz-haderach-memorial-day-piano-3d-fractals-and-music/2796/

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