(Mandelbulber) "Frying Mon-keys"--3D Fractals & Music

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« on: July 12, 2019, 01:46:49 AM »
The Fractal Star Cannon lies deep within The Fractal Space Realms, turning and twisting the folds of space-time with golden force fields. Fly through space fields and nebulae dust clouds to the tune of my rock song, "Frying Mon-keys."

Okay, 1st chunk and 1st paragraph of explanation: there were 4.5 minutes of 4K 30fps video for the star fields and nebulae clouds (all of the background throughout), which includes the intro and outro title screens that play through the scene: that was all After Effects, and then imported as a layer (without rendering) into Adobe Premiere Pro. The space stuff actually took me 3 days to make, since it was new to me, but no time to render, as it renders when the whole video does, inside Premiere.

Next were the Mandelbulber layers. Yes, layers, plural. I ran this entire video twice, once with the displacement and color maps off, and once with it on. 7200 frames at 4K, with the alpha layer as a separate jpeg and in separate folders. Then I composited the two layers with their two alpha layers into Premiere Pro, and laid them on top of the AE space layer, with the whole thing sitting under an adjustment layer, to color correct, add Shine, and a couple of other post things (Colorista and some curves and a LUT and a slight vignette).

Then I applied Adobe's Strobe effect to the top layer of Mandelbulber and changed it to transparent layer instead of light flash, and set the frequency to 4 seconds, alternating off for 2 seconds. That matches the 120 bpm of the music and makes a layer change on every measure of the music. And I had already audio-synced both Mandelbulber layers with the song when they rendered in Mandelbulber, so that they all line up and triggers things on the beats and transient spikes of the audio file.

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/fractal-movie-gallery/19/frying-mon-keys-3d-fractals-and-music/2929/

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