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(M3D) Energetic Vortex - Tropospheric Vortex - 1080p x264 - 017 VBR2 48khz


DJ Sha-Man-X:
// Acid-Techno     
This new Vortex EP could have been released earlier, but things went wrong halfway through the mix and the remaster. First my Supernova II that stopped working and then the computer whose power supply broke and 2 video cards, before everything worked again. I found out my Supernova II has a chip with a factory defect, which is now being replaced. Also, it seemed complicated to me to work with 24 bit (this mix 13 channels) and make a stereo 24 bit re-master of it. But in the end it was not too bad, most of the work is actually finding out how it works. Making a remaster is also quite relaxed, you can now fully focus on the sound and small settings. the end result is so much better ! So now, real analogue sound in HI-Res Stereo 24 bit / 48 khz and Full HD video ! Buy your HI-Res Stereo Track on Bandcamp (See Link)

You can download this Track in MP3 format for free on Freeteknomusic & EV_Home Site. For high quality WAV format (for sale) go to Bandcamp (48khz) & EV_Home Site (44.1khz).

Download for free MP3 :

I used Remaker to convert my Rebirth RB-338 compositions into midi and worked it out in Cubase. I add some voice samples and I did not used the original Rebrith sound, only hardware : 4 analogue clones and analogue drum machines. Do you also want to try Rebirth RB-338 & Remaker (for free), go to my site for more info and downloads :

YouTube Energetic Vortex Playlist 3DFractal :

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