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 How can I get a non-embossed spherical Julia Set as equirectangular image?


Hello :love:

Inspired by these two wonderful blog posts &
I'd like to use a dense Julia Set as "Star Field" Skybox for my Virtual Reality Domain (

In order to do this I need the spherical projection of a plane filling Julia pattern as equirectangular image file (preferably .PNG).

I.e. I'd like to export the 2D "texture" of a sphere (like the one in the attached image) as equirectangular file.

I klicked my fingers to the bone in Mandelbulber and Fragmentarium - trying to export a Julia pattern as non-embossed surface of a sphere, but all I got were - weirdly beautiful but for me unusable - "3D structures".

Unfortunately I'm neither a mathematician nor a coder (yet), so I'd need a kind of application (& referring instructions) to do this...

Do you have any hints for me?
I?d be obligated to everlasting thankfulness to all of you :cantor:


Adam Majewski:
Mandel can : Display Julia sets on the Riemann sphere.

source code is on the open licence

Attached is a modification of Fragmentarium's Examples -> Experimental -> Moebius.frag adapted to generate equirectangular 360.  For best results set the camera to 0 0 and zoom to 2, with a 2:1 aspect ratio image viewport; also an example image (but do play around in Fragmentarium and make your own to your tastes!).


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