Plato's Shadows--"Z'ha'dum"--3D Fractal Animation Music Video

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« on: October 11, 2017, 10:23:15 PM »
Plato's Shadows--"Z'ha'dum"--3D Fractal Animation Music Video;sa=view;id=117

My most ambitious fractal video ever! This took 2.5 weeks on 3 video cards (2 980s, 1 1080) to render. 6800 frames at 4K resolution.

The Shadows of Z'ha'dum* are thought given form in the reflections of the minds' eye, cast from the fires of Plato's Caves.

Music: Electronic industrial metal music with crunchy guitars, a fat analog synth lead, and arpeggio'ed bass. By Stephen Sink.
4K Video: Made with Mandelbulber v 1.21 and mclarekin-ported formula "SpinV_ABox-Kali."

All video and music by Stephen Sink and Paigan Productions. *Z'ha'dum is a Babylon 5 reference.