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Author Topic: (Other) Lattice evolution  (Read 418 times)

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(Other) Lattice evolution
« on: October 14, 2017, 11:21:25 PM »

Full resolution at deviantart: https://dinkydauset.deviantart.com/art/Lattice-evolution-709725089

Mandel Machine, Mandelbrot set
And some Kalles Fraktaler

This image shows the evolution of a lattice. The lattice itself is a variation of Golden Ratio Tiling. It can also be compared to Elephant spiral tiling with central transformation because this is also an attempt at something that looks like a transformation of an otherwise right-angled tiling, and of course Triangle tiling with layered julia morphing for being connected. It's a mix of a lot of things.

I like it when morpings like this are connected whenever possible because to me it makes them a lot more impressive. That's why I wanted to find a way to make all the shapes that I already know surrounded by and connected to a tiling in a natural way. Is it possible? I think so. This image shows that evolution can be a connected tiling. Because evolution sets behave like julia sets with finite details, they can be used to build various other shapes like trees. It means that trees and S-shapes at the very least can be made surrounded by a connected tiling. The depth required to do that properly is too extreme, as I also commented on Elephant spiral tiling with central transformation, but I want to try to come as close as possible.

I also made use of Kalles Fraktaler. Mandel Machine wouldn't render this correctly, so I used this opportunity to work on something to convert the MMI file format to KFB, so I could use Kalles Fraktaler to fix the glitches given the progress by Mandel Machine. It was harder than I thought it would be but the result is there: another render of an apparently difficult location, free of glitches.

6.0970680097714465978246352468373 E1142

Code: [Select]
Re = -1.76856539435366368125259371293453236892641782036550238084035683278139847516020579836940755448093853806358532335622720215954860387925973462676210264185332619249622446097144464301696263314670575799470331597794419853481280083049813344714412669978249805531445637915677921147242961218729448326140934509447244923346834491904750058368493978125046376837105104088610590469955376290684019988563370767077290823529345255614107999427775332199891983963556882307645602243231590462852451961554663143998042396613582745038196155573683320524468218885621413135815233178922623800880270744324820393949165276400291219551742132035215660506960425009699199467178686542633858457116215710847955765911389610660640760093031838759495011431952174690031733085134861830812337744591371152885478077354772622020072507170087102831622232514924494081112032259257747492310876060757910257868803734144196405678120512443001786915069999243567634982118143679073365001032947680409484031048637779321233465936777391817115730373775376125971055725674328445312481196980698269861097741754301242350002619529351486080897755930259555714557011668880546952923003933637167679746220379199085840523329826374660
Im = 0.00149693415390767795776818884840489556855946301445691471574014563855527433886417969977385819538260268120841953162872636930325763746322273045770475720864573841501787930094585669029854545526055550254240550601638349230447392478835897915689588386917873306732459133130195499040290663241163281171562214964938877814041525983714426684720617999806166857035264185620487882712073265176954914054913266203287997924901540871019242527521230712886590484380712839459054394699971951683593643432733875864612142164058384584027531954686991700717520592706134315477867770419967332102686480959769035927998828366145957010260008071330081671951130257876517738836139132327131150083875547829353693231330986024536074662266149266972020406424662729505261246207754916338512723205243386084554727716044392705072728590247105881028092304993724655676823686703579759639901910397135711042548453158584111749222905493046484296618244721966973379997931675069363108125568864266991641443350605262290076130999673222331940884558082142583551902556005768303536299446355536559649684565312212482597275388117026700207573378170627060834006934127513560312023382257072757055987599151386137785304306581858

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