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 How to keep your kid occupied?


How can you keep your kid occupied?

Tell your kid to draw a fractal-tree and show you when he is done. >:D


That's hilarious! When I grow up and have kids of my own (in 10 or 15 years) I may say that to them if they ever get up my nose :)).
If I was asked to do that when I was a little younger, I actually would've taken it literally (I'm a hyperliteralist) and spend a long time at it.

Deliberate Dendrite:
 ;D  nice idea.

This has a lot of practical use as well. Assuming I will have kids once I have a home.

At some point they want their bedroom to look different. (Well, this could actually be done for any room) I'll look for a nice location in the mandelbrot set and make a large picture of it. Apply line detection to it so the background is blank and the iterations outlined. Then I could ask them to colour every iteration with pencils. >:D Then it could be used as wallpaper.

sounds like a job for lazy evaluation


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