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 Fractal wrongness and fractal fallacies

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Deliberate Dendrite:
So... I had some fun projecting fractal terminology onto logical fallacies. 8)

These are part of my next video I'm currently working on, which is a "comprehensive" guide to fractal wrongness, where in addition to talking about fractal wrongness, I also make a little fun of the concept and provide some alternatives and basically turn them into memes:

And I also rant a little on how just pointing at fallacies doesn't always contribute much.

Anyway, I'm still editing the video but once it is done I'll link to it here as well, the video will probably clear up about which fallacies belong to which picture but if you want to guess, go right ahead.

These were made with MB3D, Jux, Kalles Fraktaler and paint dot net.


:D  Can't wait.  :thumbs:   That's a great cliffhanger ;)

Deliberate Dendrite:
So, here's the video, it will be available in a few hours.


pleasant surprise!
great video, that gave me quite a few insights!

I love how you can use fractals/m-set as analogy for so many things.
You did a great job on this.


Deliberate Dendrite:
I'm still kind of looking for a style, most of the aesthetics are done but audio, subject coverage and narration are things I'm still figuring out.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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