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(Problem) Yorky's color layout doesn't work: pressing on the cog does nothing

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While using the Yorky theme, or the default theme, the color customisation settings do not work: pressing the cog doesn't do anything.


The colour options for Yorky are under the "paint droplet" next to the profile icon.

not sure about the cogs ... will test but as I recall there wasn't much there.

Those color options are exactly what I'm talking about. It should open when I click the cog icon on the right of the page, but it doesn't open.

Yorky has always had underlying issues, I note that today it started not finding gui images that never were a problem but on some digging, the images it is requesting don't exist on the server and, afaikt, never have. in particular Themes/YorkyTheme/css/img/icons.png doesn't exist in any of the backups that I have on file.

If it's a problem then don't use Yorky.

Overall, it's just the dark mode that's best for me, it's better for my eyes.


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