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(Problem) One of my posts was edited without my permission.

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I remember that for example a member posted in the contest and the picture was gone. That was due to an outside host that removed the picture. So on the forum the picture was gone as well. That's why we want members to participate in the contest by using the attachment option, not  a outside url form some hosting service or whatever.  Precisely because those pictures often disappear after a while as is explained to me.  This is different for you say that also the comment itself is changed, and that's absurd.  ::)

It is definitely not practice to alter or remove any members input. Why would we? Sometimes it happens that a member either made a mistake or there is a pictures posted in the wrong gallery and a request from a member to resolve that.  But never without a request. If for some reason something has to be deleted, for reasons of Forum rules or law for example a moderator would ask the member to remove it him/herself. And than perhaps if there is really no other option only than it has to be removed by the administrator.

So for example me, I never ever removed a picture or altered a comment a member made, removed the question because it was resolved that happened once. No moderators nor admins, here do such things, I'm absolutely sure of that. So there must be another cause. And I do hope that we find out what is going on? For this doesn't feel good at all. It is very weird, I think so too. 


--- Quote from: FractalAlex on June 17, 2021, 11:18:21 PM ---[youtube]
Whoops, I guess my reaction was overexaggerated, sorry for posting this in the first place.

--- End quote ---

Ok Alex, would you like your message to be removed?  ;)  I'm sorry couldn't help myself.

I guess it isn't necessary to have posted this at all. Sorry for the mild inconvenience.


--- Quote from: pauldelbrot on June 17, 2021, 10:07:33 PM ---
The domain name near the end was altered from what I wrote. No "edited by" tag was added naming the admin or moderator responsible for the edit,

--- End quote ---

You say that the name of the moderator, admin was named? Who's name was mentioned?


--- Quote from: FractalAlex on June 17, 2021, 11:27:07 PM ---I guess it isn't necessary to have posted this at all. Sorry for the mild inconvenience.

--- End quote ---

Just joking Alex, non whatsoever.   8)


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