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(Question) Link with strange behaviour


When I click the first link in the following post, my browsers seems to get stuck in a loop.

I've manually copied and pasted the link, and the website does work.

New link to the same site, just to test from here:

The new link created in this post does work! What is the difference:



I see some difference, but I do not understand these text strings in the url.



--- Quote from: youhn on May 23, 2021, 09:55:51 AM ---When I click the first link in the following post, my browsers seems to get stuck in a loop.

--- End quote ---
Here too (Chrome + Opera + Edge). The "watch out, leaving ff" feature seems to have turned itself on again, this time with a 0 second delay.

 bad original link -> http :// ~ kawahira/gallery/semiconj/semiconj.html

 good new link ->

3 things jump out at me about this link

1. it is http so not secure
2. it contains "~" so typo or personal user folder probably not for consumption by general public but works fine for the user that posted it
3. the "real" link is vastly different than the posted link (please be more careful about what you link to Adam)

option: disable all auto linking for urls typed into posts ... so no more offsite images, no more links to random bits of info, users will have to cut and paste urls into their browser if they really want to visit a link, no more one click gets you there... I don't really want to do that but...

It also strikes me as odd that the Japanese Institute of Technology has a non-ssl site hosting user login accounts ???

Just some ideas that came to mind, not sure how hard/easy it would be to apply and if these would be effective/desired.

1. Add a sanity check on all user generated urls (secure, does it work, not blacklisted, etc). Then either warn the poster, or prevent the links to be posted.
2. If a link is an image, download (and convert to low-res) and use local copy + link to the original. No loss of images, while still keeping the information on the source visible.
3. Remove all automated pre-checks, warnings, delays, etc. Just use direct links which is pretty common on the web (people should expect this!) and use a nice disclaimer informing users on their own responsibilities and risks.
4. Convert the site into an information black hole. Anyone can always enter, but never leave.

No method is fully secure, so in all cases there must be human checks to catch exceptional cases.

yeah :gum: I've thought about this for some time too  :educated:

 :P 1. requires a good deal of coding and testing and , as happened here in the past, a linked page can be innocent enough to begin with but then change to a gambling/bitcoin/porn redirect after some time.
 :-/ 2. same as 1 but not as much coding maybe more testing but doesn't cover links to other stuff.
 ::) 3. what we essentially have now, not a direct link but a redirect with 0 seconds delay (visible for as long as it takes the other site to respond, provides warning and disclaimer, bounces into a loop if the url is bad (looking at this issue now) )
 :-X 4. not really what the site is about, we like to share (well at least some of us)

Yes, people need to be careful and to take responsibility for their own actions, the internet itself is benign but it's full of all sorts. I have added a couple of features to the site that prevent bots from creating accounts and help admin quickly determine the nature of an IP, obviously, guests are not allowed to post, this prevents virtually all spam.

We do have a "reporting system" so users can bring things to admins & mods attention but it's not seeing a lot of use (a good thing?) I have been considering adding a few icons to the ratings like thumbs down where if a post or thread gets too many it will automatically get locked and brought to our attention or a spam icon that will do it immediately, but these could be abused too.

Its a hodge podge of compromises, no matter what I do some will like and some won't so the main rule is to use common sense and play nice as stated in our guidelines, these are the things that everyone can do to make this site a  good browse.



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