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(Problem) images suspected by malwared files

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A new proove that FRACTALFORUMS is attacked by hackers:
At topic "" the three images with colored leaves fractal are suspected with malware due if I type download this image occur the error "can't be downloaded securely (keep/discard/learn more)"
Must cleanup those img's with a best antivirus!
 :(   :-X


Sounds more like some sort of SSL problem to me.

There seems to be a lot of that going around lately ...

I read your post, but do not see any proof? Can you share some details of the error you got? There is a hint "LEARN MORE", can you click on that and share the info please?

To double check, I just downloaded the 3 images from the topic. No errors.

I've uploaded the image files to 2 seperate online virus scanners. They both found no harmful content.

False positives can also be harmful. Therefore, please double check before you put the blame to a certain party. If you are not certain, better ask instead of claim.

I'm happy for other to double check the above.

Did some more research.

It appears the images are linked to which is a Russian website without secure connection. It absolutely makes sense that modern browsers warn about that. The only way to prevent this in the context of a forum, would be to prohibit all external links. I believe this would be much to strict. Therefore, I think we need to live with the danger of people linking to external website. I mean, the web is a place full of danger. Almost the same as driving a car, though it doesn't have the potential to actually kill you. Life is to take risk, because all is unknown until explored.

By the way, I've check this website with google url checker. Google thinks this website is safe. No guarantees though.

Best IT security is to not use any IT device at all. Everything else means you are taking risks!

When you go to that page, you will notice (at least in FireFox) that the URL padlock has an alert on it, stating that some elements on the page are not encrypted by SSL. If you inspect the images, they are linked from a site that doesn't use SSL. There is no problem there, but the browser warnings exist whenever mixed secure and unsecure content is served. Warnings about mixed content have existed in browsers for decades now. Nowhere is there any suggestion of actual malware. Ironically, if FractalForums wasn't secured, the padlock icon would be unlocked but there would not be any alerts as nothing on the page would be at a lower security. (Similar content to what youhn just posted but different enough to post too, I think.)


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