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Hello Community!

So you've discovered our new donation button - great find!  ;)

We deliberately decided against annoying ads.
This means hosting and any costs like special modifications are payed by myself and some early birds who discovered the previously hidden donation feature.

Current Balance 230€  (december 2020)

How can I donate?

Use the forums subscription feature.
It uses paypal as gateway but you can use your credit card via paypal as well, so you don't need an account there. Currently we have no other payment-gateway available.

On our donations page ( <<< this link will take you there, also available in your profile under the menu Actions->Paid Subscriptions )

Just select the amount to donate from the offered options.
If you select "Make this a recurring payment" the same amount will be automatically donated each month. You can cancel it anytime.
We prefer smaller recurring donations rather than larger one-time donations, as it helps us to estimate with what we can work each month.
If you have any questions, just ask in this thread.

What will the donations be used for?
For a start, we need to cover the monthly hosting costs and yearly domain fees (23$)

For the future we are thinking of upgrading to a dedicated server which should speed up the site drastically and also improve flexibility as well as search engine visibility.
This would raise our monthly costs from 23$ to an estimated 70$.

Every now and then there are paid modifications we implement, usually a one-time price ranging from 10-50$

Do I get anything in return?

Of course!
The warm feeling that you are a major reason why your favourite fractal place on the net stays online and keeps evolving!
Also, if you don't want to donate anonymously, we will activate a little badge in your profile, showing you are a supporter.
Just reply to our confirmation email.

Any questions?
Just ask!


I hope that  a lot off members will support the forum.  Every (little) donation is very welcome, to keep the site up and runnimg!

So,  don't  hesitate, just donate!  ;)     :toast:

Can we have regular updates on how the funding of FF is progressing?

I'll update when I'll back from holidays with family.

Old account balance: -40$
Donations in $ since last update: 52$
Current Dollars in our account: 12$

Donations in € since last update: 150€  (thank you christian!!)

Costs since last update: 120€ (7months basic fee 14€ + 36€ ssl certificate renewal)
Current € in account: 30€


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