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Author Topic:  New Fractal Program! Fractal To Desktop - Live Render Fractals To Your Desktop!  (Read 1688 times)

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Hi everyone. For the last year I've been developing Fractal To Desktop. This allows you to render Fractals live onto your desktop. You can see Screenshots and other details here: https://fractaltodesktop.com/.

Currently, it only supports the Mandelbrot Set, but I'll be adding more Fractals in the future.

Also, there's a math section on the site, but I'm only in High School, so I'd love it if some of the more experienced people could take a look at that page and make sure I'm not saying anything incorrect. Thanks!

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/index.php?topic=1808.0
Fractal To Desktop - Live Render Fractals To Your Desktop!

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Re the maths page: It's not strictly true that the points that don't go to infinity go to a center.  Most ("almost all" is the technical term I think, if the boundary doesn't have area, which I think is an open research question) points that don't go to infinity get closer and closer to a repeating cycle, though most (all but a countable infinity of periodic centers of components and pre-periodic Misiurewicz points) never reach the repeating cycle exactly.  Even so, most of the points on the boundary don't go to a repeating cycle, for example many are have Julia sets with Siegel discs, which means the z iterate bounces around in what looks like a wiggly loop, without ever repeating exactly.  Finally, it's almost completely meaningless to plot the Z paths on the C-plane (Mandelbrot set) images.  Much better would be to plot the Z path on the Z-plane (Julia set) image for the C in question.

I was curious and tried the download links, but got an AWS access denied page for both.  £5 is not much I know (a drink in a central London pub, if you're old enough) but I don't trust most online shops (even big stores with big security budgets get hacked...).

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Thanks for the help on the math section! Your're right about the points going in a loop and one of my examples even shows what you're talking about. I'll update the website.

For the download, I updated the .msi download earlier today and you may have checked it at the same time. It appears to be working on my end.

To address your concerns with the store, I didn't trust my own abilites with other people's confidential information so I used a 3rd party service called FastSpring to make sure payments are safe and they take a cut of my profits for it. Even so, I understand your hesitation. I'm a bit of a privacy nut myself, and I have Qubes (the operatins system Edward Snowden uses) dual booted on my main computer. My mom has had her identity stolen, and my parent's credit cards have been stolen before. What my parents have taught me to do is for any website that isn't the size of Amazon or something like that, we use Paypal to make sure the transactions are safe. The recipient never gets your payment information, only Paypal does (and they're very trustworthy), and if something goes wrong, Paypal is very good about refunding any money you may have lost. It's an almost risk-free way of shopping online, and Fractal To Desktop supports it.

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