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Author Topic:  Mandelbulber v2 2.14  (Read 1682 times)

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Mandelbulber v2 2.14
« on: June 13, 2018, 09:00:08 PM »
Mandelbulber v2 2.14

Free download (executables for win64, MacOS and source code for linux): http://sourceforge.net/projects/mandelbulber/
official FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mandelbulber/

New in 2.14:

- Added new fractal formulas:
- Fractals:
   transfOctoFold & transfMengerFold, now work with analytic logarithmic DE
   imaginaryScatorPower2 fixed r calc
   benesiT1PineTree & benesiPwr2Mandelbulb. Added 2nd rotation (for animation)
   amazingSurfMod2 fixed comboBox
- OpenCL: implemented primitive objects
- OpenCL: implemented Boolean operators for fractal formulas
- OpenCL: implemented multiple materials
- OpenCL: implemented background texture mapping

- OpenCL: improved quality of DeltaDE algorithm in OpenCL kernel
- OpenCL: added option for fast_relaxed_math (speed up rendering by 20-50%)
- OpenCL: optimized image refreshing (improved GPU utilization)
- OpenCL: "limited" engine renamed to "medium"
- OpenCL: "medium" engine don't render volumetric effects (to be much faster than "full")
- OpenCL: Changed max estimated distance to 5.0 (was 1.0). It caused wrong rendering of background
- Shaders: Corrected SSAO random mode. It couldn't work properly with precomputed sin/cos
- Shaders: Now there is possible to use soft shadows when limits are enabled
- UI: enhanced controls for limits (bounding box) definition
- UI: corrected number of decimal places in fractal UIs
- UI: key presses regarding navigation will fire every 300ms while pressed to enable continuous movement
- UI: multiple keys can be pressed at the same time
- UI: increased max value of audio_trak_collection parameter additionFactor to 65535
- UI: optimized refreshing of image preview (used simple scaling during rendering)
- UI: New navigation mode which uses ctrl + mouse wheel
- UI: changed keyboard layout to more comfortable (more like in 3D games)
- UI: added HotKeys Cheatsheet
- UI: Added hotkeys for keyframe handling
- UI: fixed bug: slider popup window appeared in wrong place when dock was detached
- UI: renamed "Preferred" to "Automatic" in selection for distance estimation method
- UI: fixed bug: it was not possible to load toolbar presets when they were being refreshed at application startup
- UI: Added autoResize to NetRender table. It was much to wide.
- UI: Mouse wheel now only zooms, when ctrl is pressed otherwise the mouse wheel event only scrolls the render window
- UI: Fixed problem with missing qGamePad slot
- UI: Eliminated annoying flickering of UI when settings without animation was loaded
- Animation: implemented animated textures
- Animation: Fixed bug: use of mouse click or mouse click caused crashes when animation was rendered or recorded flight path
- Examples: updated standard preset settings
- CLI: queue now shows a waiting spinner, while waiting for something to do
- CLI: linux and MacOS now detect if output is a terminal or a file. When it is a file, the output is plane text without ANSI escape codes
- Compilation: configured CircleCL to create MacOS builds

As always every feedback is appreciated!

Source code repository (GIT, SVN) https://github.com/buddhi1980/mandelbulber2

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/downloads/10/mandelbulber-v2-2-14/1443/

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