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Author Topic:  Mandelbulber v2 2.13  (Read 823 times)

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Mandelbulber v2 2.13
« on: April 01, 2018, 07:56:23 PM »
Mandelbulber v2 2.13

Free download (executables for win64, source code for linux): http://sourceforge.net/projects/mandelbulber/
official FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mandelbulber/

New in 2.13:

- Added new fractal formulas:
  * Amazing Surf - Mod2
  * Transf Add Constant Mod1
  * Transf Add Cpixel Rotated
- Fractals: renamed all fabs() to abs() in all formula UI
- Fractals: cleaned up all fractal formula UIs
- UI: Added pop-up sliders for all edit fields
- UI: Added buttons (x2, /2, round, R, 0) attached to pup-up sliders
- UI: Removed existing sliders from UI
- UI: Cleaned up all UIs to reduce width of widgets and frames
- UI: GroupBoxes are colored
- UI: Added 3D compass in image window
- UI: Corrected calculation of 'max' in statistics window
- UI: Added editable presets for image resolution
- UI: Optimize DE multiplier now doesn't use OpenCL, so works properly when OpenCL is enabled.
- UI: Added button to calculate constant distance threshold
- Image: Added saturation control for rendered image
- Shaders: Value of background brightness controls also gradient of background
- Shaders: Added option for 1-color background
- Shaders: Fixed bug in IterFog shader for auxLights. Intensity of effect was wrongly multiplied by 100
- Shaders: Added parameter iterFogBrightnessBoost to keep compatibility with version <= 2.12
- Shaders: Corrected algorithm for calculation of shadows opacity in IterFog mode. Now the algorithm is the same as opacity calculation in volumetric shader.
- Shaders: Added option for metallic surface in material definition. It makes specular highlight in the same color as surface color.
- Shaders: Added iridescence effect
- Shaders: Fixed problem with different brightness of left and right image in stereoscopic mode. There was wrong calculation of perspective in SSAO algorithm
- Shaders: Implemented texture mapping based on orbit traps ('Fractalize texture' option). Not implemented in OpenCL yet.
- Shaders: Added 4D orbit trap color (BETA)
- Shaders: Added Color By Numbers (BETA)
- Primitives: Added option for water shape depending on another objects
- Primitives: Added button to align primitive object rotation angle to actual camera rotation angle.
- Animation: Added displaying of camera, target and lights paths in image window
- Animation: Added information about actual camera distance to selected keyframe. It is displayed in Animation dock.
- Settings: Fixed problem with loading animation where is used parameter fractal0_mandelbox_color_R
- Settings: Added reverse compatibility for mandelbulber.ini. Now older version can be run without damaging application settings.
- Files: fixed double dot in output filename. Filenames with no file extension were expanded to have two dots before the suffix
- Files: Corrected image file extensions generated by render queue
- OpenCL: fixed problem with rendering fractals with more than 250 iterations
- OpenCL: Added option to disable OpenCL compile cache (used by NVidia driver)
- OpenCL: SSAO uses precomputed (co)sine buffer - faster rendering
- OpenCL: Implemented option for random SSAO
- OpenCL: Fixed bug in IterFog shader. It didn't work properly with increased detail level or decreased DE factor
- Performance: Disabled OpenMP for updating image preview. It sometimes caused long lags at program startup or during rescaling of main window. It happened mostly when system was already loaded by another computing application.
- Performance: Fixed bug causing casual freezes of image refresh and progress bar. There was direct call of cRenderedImage->update() method which is not thread safe.
- Performance: Added bad_alloc handling to mesh export
- Performance: Fixed many issues showed by Coverity Scan
- Examples: Standardize image resolution for all examples (fullHD or 1600x1200)
- Examples: Added several example settings
- Compilation: Generalized code for OpenCL engines
- Compilation: win64 version updated to use Qt 5.9.4

As always every feedback is appreciated!

Source code repository (GIT, SVN) https://github.com/buddhi1980/mandelbulber2

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/downloads/10/mandelbulber-v2-2-13/1138/

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